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0:38Harry Styles - Fine Line Out December 13
Harry Styles - Fine Line Out December 13Показвания 563 хил.преди 2 дни
2:43Harry Styles - ‘Adore You’ Official Video Trailer (Eroda)
Harry Styles - ‘Adore You’ Official Video Trailer (Eroda)Показвания 3,1 млн.преди 6 дни
49:23Harry Styles - Zane Lowe ‘Fine Line’ Interview
Harry Styles - Zane Lowe ‘Fine Line’ InterviewПоказвания 1,5 млн.преди 15 дни
0:41Harry Styles - LOVE ON TOUR 2020
Harry Styles - LOVE ON TOUR 2020Показвания 565 хил.преди 25 дни


  • Honestly love this man beyond words. I will forever love Harry and One Direction.

  • Rosalia bájale! 💃🏼💃🏼


  • Odiame mas

  • How many of your fans do you want to kill? Harry: yes

  • well then

  • Dont take drugs kids!

  • Nice can I get one ?

  • You know you got it bad when you can’t stop staring at his hands

    • Guess who just bought a CD? Your oldest fan! Hopefully not the oldest! Love all the songs! What a talent! Harry, where can I buy the other CD, the one that has the studio vers

  • La preciosa voz de Rosalía 😍😍😍😍

  • I can listen to Harry talking on the beach for years and never get bored.

  • 6:04 *I love how genuine he is, he felt so happy revisiting his memories with the lads. I miss them.*

  • Now I can't show my mom

  • Comfortable silence is so overrated

  • Trash

  • I made a cover of how to play this song with the guitar I appreciate if you happen to see it a thousand thanks

  • harry is so easy to talk to that I got the sense that harry was interviewing zane

  • I would dare to say! This is one of the best videos a song of the year

  • I just realized that Eroda spelled backwards is Adore...

  • Arte

  • Harry if he was not a singer is probably a beauty vlogger

  • wala ng tinago si harry.❤️❤️

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • hopefully my mom doesn’t ask me to show her the vinyl when it comes

  • Anyone notice the album is released on Taylor’s birthday???

  • I love youuuuu, see you in Paris ❤️❤️❤️

  • Makes special place on wall for new poster. Yeah.....that one.

  • I'm gonna sell the only kidney left for his tour tickets. The other one I sold for the iphone.😐


  • who else came here from Inside A Mind

  • His hands , alone being more beautiful than almost half of the world's population 😩😍

  • Hmm what a coincidence that this is the most he’s ever talked in an interview and this is also the only interview that’s ever been about HIM and his MUSIC and not just what the media’s going to find interesting/fake stuff

  • 4 nipples tho, iconic.

  • The only thing I heard when he was talking about doing mushrooms was “ayyy go crazy go stupid bitch” over and over again💀

  • Such a wholesome and precious video and song and everything

  • zane: who are your friends? harry: BEING VULNERABLE MAKES ME CLOSER TO FRIENDS zane: ...

  • I like how everyone gave up on making a name for the island and just named it “adore” backwards

  • Dec 13 dat's Taylor's Swift birthday really Harry!

  • he’s nakey !!!

  • That sunset though...

  • HELL YEAH. Got my watermelon pit ticket!!! Fuckin excited.

  • Best interview he’s done.

  • 😘

  • OK but this video is sexy... How's that even possible? And his hands, I'm sorry if I sound weird but I have a thing for hands and those ones are HOT 🔥🔥😍😍😍

  • I just realize ERODA = ADORE

  • Guess who just bought a CD? Your oldest fan! Hopefully not the oldest! Love all the songs! What a talent! Harry, where can I buy the other CD, the one that has the studio version of Two Ghosts?

  • you know it was like he was giving advise of life and like with his wise words and sun set. the view and the words just match as if nature was in sync with it. such a remarkable conversation.


  • Chile.... I.... Need some water 😩😭👀

  • Oh no...every Directioners worst nightmare... A DOUBLE SIDED POSTER

  • Just realized that eroda is adore backwards...

  • this was so genuine and chill. it's so cool to see celebrities be open and honest because you remember they're actual people that have insecurities, make mistakes, and hear what they have to say lol. zane was an amazing interviewer as well! good job :)

  • wait... is Eroda a real place?

  • LA ROSALÍA!!! 💃

  • La Rosalía!! 💃

  • my dude.. my family look at the stuff I get.

  • his voice brings me peace

  • I just noticed this....idk about anyone else, but “eroda” is adore backwards and that’s like so smart and creative 😋

  • Chip Skylark: Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle we'll be legendary!

  • This an absolutely fantastic interview. I love that he asked Harry such intelligent questions instead of just fluffy bs

  • Omg! I need CPR. HE WAS HALF NAKED.

  • Harry: is naked in a heart Me: Harry is naked in our hearts

  • Just realized Eroda is Adore backwards

  • is that a heart?

  • The song and the video are beautiful. You are such a creative artist and im very happy you are coming to Colombia next year 🇨🇴❤️. Your concert is the thing im expecting the most in 2020.

  • você é perfeito. tava com muita saudade dessa sua energia. que isso. 💖

  • wow... that was interesting... one question tho... HOW CAN I GET MY LEGS TO BE THAT SMOOTH!!!!!!! LIKE PLEASEEEEE! lol. and 7 more days till it's out yayyy!!! im excited for your's and louis' album. And LOVE the nails! where'd you get them painted i need to check it out if they're that good! but meh, i'll try at the one here in colorado. Hope you had/ have a good day!

  • Rosalía 🥰

  • che y la 2da parte?

  • Dear Santa I would like a calories shirt

  • Rosalia ?


  • Love this bruddah lets make something!

  • I love the narrator😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • Rosalía 😍

  • What's wrong with his accent


  • I only came because Rosalía is the narator but this is so cute omg

  • This guy really set him self apart. I don’t think of one direction anymore when I see Harry

  • Nadie más pensó en Roblox cuando vió sus uñas??? Solo yo??? ok

    • Its all about #ZARRY. #ZARRY is real and perfect 💋💖💘

  • I was just like: UHHHH

  • Weeey Rosalía 🥺😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • It’s too bad that this will never be a movie 😭

  • gay

  • he truely is the most beautiful and honest person in the world

  • darn that two sided poster now I'll need to get two vinyls



  • I love him he’s so humble and talented 🙏🏻❤️

  • Shruuums

  • That's not Eroda. That's New Asgard

  • Harry needs to hop on the W Magazine ASMR videos 😭 his voice is so relaxing

  • Me encanta mirarlo mientras habla, aunque entienda poca y nada ñklfdjgsdf

  • What the fuck is that accent mate? HAhahaha 🤣🤢🤮

  • sir i will buy this

  • ME TENES ENAMORADA ,TE AMOOO 😻😻. Estoy más que orgullosa de vos 👑

  • I am depressed bicause I can't go to Harry Styles concert 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😖😖😱😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • i wanna see all those tattooes for sure


  • I'm really excited for the release, but I have two comments: 1) Medicine and Anna are missing. 2) The album art he chose is disgusting.

  • Dios mío que hermosas nudes digo uñas bellísimas le que hermoso el amarillo