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Have you ever seen two avocados in love? No? 😱
Then meet the adorable Ava & Cado - two halves that make a whole! 😍
They always look for adventures and can’t stop making fun of each other. 😄
They're passionate lovers, so expect lots of spicy, sometimes awkward, but very
romantic stories. Haven't you subscribed to the Avo Cado Couple's channel yet?
*Ava pulls a face, and Cado sharpens the knives…* 😜
Don’t forget to give a thumbs-up to our heroes, and they'll share more
juicy and hilarious stories with you! 👍👍👍


15:33Vegetables Try 123 GO Life Hacks
Vegetables Try 123 GO Life HacksПоказвания 10 хил.преди ден
16:05Secret Prison Escape
Secret Prison EscapeПоказвания 708 хил.преди 3 дни
14:25Horror Prank for My Boyfriend
Horror Prank for My BoyfriendПоказвания 1,1 млн.преди 4 дни
13:02Vegetables in Equestria Girls Princess Story
Vegetables in Equestria Girls Princess StoryПоказвания 2,1 млн.преди 7 дни
14:06Girly Problems - Short Hair vs Long Hair
Girly Problems - Short Hair vs Long HairПоказвания 2 млн.преди 9 дни
11:47Vegetables Open a Car Wash
Vegetables Open a Car WashПоказвания 600 хил.преди 10 дни
I FOUND MY GIRLFRIEND ON TINDERПоказвания 834 хил.преди 12 дни
14:29Slime Fell In Love With Vegetable
Slime Fell In Love With VegetableПоказвания 2,6 млн.преди 13 дни
16:04Crazy Jailbreak! Vegetables Try to Escape Prison
Crazy Jailbreak! Vegetables Try to Escape PrisonПоказвания 3,9 млн.преди 22 дни
13:19Vegetables Prevent Zombie Apocalypse Minecraft
Vegetables Prevent Zombie Apocalypse MinecraftПоказвания 6 млн.преди 24 дни
15:44Ladybug Worships Vegetables
Ladybug Worships VegetablesПоказвания 4 млн.преди 27 дни
13:49Angry Birds vs Vegetables
Angry Birds vs VegetablesПоказвания 1,4 млн.преди 29 дни
12:11My Boyfriend Fell Love with Robot
My Boyfriend Fell Love with RobotПоказвания 5 млн.преди месец
12:21My Girlfriend's Dream Job - Top Model
My Girlfriend's Dream Job - Top ModelПоказвания 2,4 млн.преди месец
12:39The Floor is Lava
The Floor is LavaПоказвания 1,8 млн.преди месец
13:33Transform Zizi into a Beauty
Transform Zizi into a BeautyПоказвания 478 хил.преди месец
16:37My Older Sister Hates Me!
My Older Sister Hates Me!Показвания 6 млн.преди месец
14:51My Boyfriend in Love with Gacha Life
My Boyfriend in Love with Gacha LifeПоказвания 4,6 млн.преди месец
10:03Awkward Situation All Barbie Girls Know
Awkward Situation All Barbie Girls KnowПоказвания 3,7 млн.преди месец
10:36Your Mom vs My Mom
Your Mom vs My MomПоказвания 6 млн.преди месец
11:21My Annoying Best Friend
My Annoying Best FriendПоказвания 2,4 млн.преди месец
12:32My Boyfriend Fell in Love with Ladybug !
My Boyfriend Fell in Love with Ladybug !Показвания 10 млн.преди месец
11:14My Hairdresser Was Replaced by Robot
My Hairdresser Was Replaced by RobotПоказвания 5 млн.преди месец
10:51Miraculous Ladybug - How I Fell in Love with Boyfriend
Miraculous Ladybug - How I Fell in Love with BoyfriendПоказвания 5 млн.преди месец
11:20Staying In The Hospital
Staying In The HospitalПоказвания 20 млн.преди месец
13:00Your Mother vs My Mother
Your Mother vs My MotherПоказвания 8 млн.преди месец
VEGETABLES MEET REAL VAMPIRE !Показвания 1,1 млн.преди месец
11:18ASMR 10 Worst Sounds
ASMR 10 Worst SoundsПоказвания 429 хил.преди 2 месеца
12:40Guys Vs Girls. Date Morning Routine
Guys Vs Girls. Date Morning RoutineПоказвания 2,9 млн.преди 2 месеца
11:47Vegetables Fly to Their Vacation Destination
Vegetables Fly to Their Vacation DestinationПоказвания 2 млн.преди 2 месеца
13:42Vegetables Locked Lion King at the Zoo
Vegetables Locked Lion King at the ZooПоказвания 1,4 млн.преди 2 месеца
14:36Rescue Mission! My Girlfriend  Superhero.
Rescue Mission! My Girlfriend Superhero.Показвания 7 млн.преди 2 месеца
10:07Pause Challange! Prank Couple!
Pause Challange! Prank Couple!Показвания 2 млн.преди 2 месеца
11:04Funny Problems Girls With Long Nails
Funny Problems Girls With Long NailsПоказвания 6 млн.преди 2 месеца
12:20Girls Problems With Long Hair
Girls Problems With Long HairПоказвания 4,9 млн.преди 2 месеца
13:24My Boyfriend Infuriates Me! - Animated Short Films
My Boyfriend Infuriates Me! - Animated Short FilmsПоказвания 1,7 млн.преди 2 месеца
12:26Kids Tricks That Enrage Parents
Kids Tricks That Enrage ParentsПоказвания 1,5 млн.преди 2 месеца
13:43Escape the Babysitter
Escape the BabysitterПоказвания 6 млн.преди 2 месеца
12:35My Boyfriend's Ex Is Terrible!
My Boyfriend's Ex Is Terrible!Показвания 12 млн.преди 2 месеца
19:44Halloween Party! - Animated Short Films
Halloween Party! - Animated Short FilmsПоказвания 2,3 млн.преди 3 месеца
11:15Avocado Escapes From Robots
Avocado Escapes From RobotsПоказвания 987 хил.преди 3 месеца
10:44Superheroes Surprise Vegetable With Dancing Car Ride!
Superheroes Surprise Vegetable With Dancing Car Ride!Показвания 1,7 млн.преди 3 месеца
14:32Girls Problems With Long Nails
Girls Problems With Long NailsПоказвания 31 млн.преди 3 месеца
13:00Funny Pregnancy Situations
Funny Pregnancy SituationsПоказвания 1,6 млн.преди 3 месеца
11:10Short People vs Tall People Problems
Short People vs Tall People ProblemsПоказвания 1,2 млн.преди 3 месеца
11:28My Annoying Best Friend!
My Annoying Best Friend!Показвания 4,7 млн.преди 3 месеца
12:40Gravity Falls - Mabel Took Away All Jewelry!
Gravity Falls - Mabel Took Away All Jewelry!Показвания 2,4 млн.преди 3 месеца
14:54Vegetables vs Zombies Apocalypse
Vegetables vs Zombies ApocalypseПоказвания 1,3 млн.преди 3 месеца
15:38Water competitions with Disney princesses
Water competitions with Disney princessesПоказвания 1,7 млн.преди 3 месеца
10:59Avocado Couple ¦ Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat, Scared Vegetable Halloween
Avocado Couple ¦ Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat, Scared Vegetable HalloweenПоказвания 1,1 млн.преди 3 месеца
11:36Vegetables Challenged Zach King
Vegetables Challenged Zach KingПоказвания 7 млн.преди 3 месеца
12:24Vegetable Home Alone
Vegetable Home AloneПоказвания 1,1 млн.преди 3 месеца
14:57Barbie Escape From The Store
Barbie Escape From The StoreПоказвания 2,6 млн.преди 3 месеца
12:36Prank Wars Boys Vs Girls
Prank Wars Boys Vs GirlsПоказвания 915 хил.преди 3 месеца
11:28Spookiz Zizi Visited Vegetable Beauty Salon
Spookiz Zizi Visited Vegetable Beauty SalonПоказвания 4,6 млн.преди 3 месеца
13:21Pencilmation Is Super Hero
Pencilmation Is Super HeroПоказвания 2,3 млн.преди 3 месеца
11:47Disney Princesses On Water Races
Disney Princesses On Water RacesПоказвания 6 млн.преди 3 месеца
14:47Barbie Hypnotizes Vegetable
Barbie Hypnotizes VegetableПоказвания 6 млн.преди 3 месеца
11:00Vegetables vs  Dinosaurs - Back to the Future
Vegetables vs Dinosaurs - Back to the FutureПоказвания 740 хил.преди 4 месеца
10:28Gravity Falls -  Vegetables Chasing Waddles
Gravity Falls - Vegetables Chasing WaddlesПоказвания 886 хил.преди 4 месеца
13:19Short People vs Tall People Problems
Short People vs Tall People ProblemsПоказвания 4,2 млн.преди 4 месеца
10:15My Boyfriend VS My Best Friend
My Boyfriend VS My Best FriendПоказвания 4,8 млн.преди 4 месеца
10:54Vegetable Wants To Get Barbie
Vegetable Wants To Get BarbieПоказвания 10 млн.преди 4 месеца
13:48Disney Princesses Become Moms
Disney Princesses Become MomsПоказвания 9 млн.преди 4 месеца
10:44Vegetable Goes To Barbie School
Vegetable Goes To Barbie SchoolПоказвания 9 млн.преди 4 месеца
11:36Vegetable Became Hello Kitty
Vegetable Became Hello KittyПоказвания 10 млн.преди 4 месеца
13:30Vegetable Dedicates Spookiz To Scouts
Vegetable Dedicates Spookiz To ScoutsПоказвания 8 млн.преди 4 месеца
10:08Teenager Vegetable's First Love
Teenager Vegetable's First LoveПоказвания 3,3 млн.преди 4 месеца
11:37My Dad Met My Boyfriend
My Dad Met My BoyfriendПоказвания 1,4 млн.преди 4 месеца
11:37Pregnancy Situations Vegetables Knows
Pregnancy Situations Vegetables KnowsПоказвания 2,2 млн.преди 4 месеца
11:03Vegetable Jailbreak
Vegetable JailbreakПоказвания 18 млн.преди 4 месеца
10:51Spookiz | Vegetable Broke Zizi
Spookiz | Vegetable Broke ZiziПоказвания 5 млн.преди 4 месеца
21:29Vegetable Prevented  Disney Princess Pool Party
Vegetable Prevented Disney Princess Pool PartyПоказвания 3 млн.преди 4 месеца
20:07Miraculous Ladybug Became Vegetable -  Compilation
Miraculous Ladybug Became Vegetable - CompilationПоказвания 1,2 млн.преди 4 месеца
13:5010 Self Defence Tips For Girls
10 Self Defence Tips For GirlsПоказвания 2,4 млн.преди 4 месеца
10:22Annoying Things Moms Do
Annoying Things Moms DoПоказвания 2,2 млн.преди 4 месеца
13:13Dracula Steals Vampirina Vegetable
Dracula Steals Vampirina VegetableПоказвания 1,6 млн.преди 4 месеца
11:36Baldi Is Vegetable
Baldi Is VegetableПоказвания 12 млн.преди 4 месеца
11:19Vegetables Don't Like Their New Neighbors
Vegetables Don't Like Their New NeighborsПоказвания 3,1 млн.преди 4 месеца
12:23Disney Vampirina and Vegetable Babysitter
Disney Vampirina and Vegetable BabysitterПоказвания 6 млн.преди 4 месеца
SHORT PEOPLE VS TALL PEOPLEПоказвания 11 млн.преди 5 месеца
11:39Ladybug Or Vegetable? Who Became Cat Noir Girlfriend?
Ladybug Or Vegetable? Who Became Cat Noir Girlfriend?Показвания 12 млн.преди 5 месеца
KIDS PRANK ON PARENTS!Показвания 1,8 млн.преди 5 месеца
10:23Vegetables Save City From Slime
Vegetables Save City From SlimeПоказвания 5 млн.преди 5 месеца
13:42Self Defense Techniques For Vegetables
Self Defense Techniques For VegetablesПоказвания 12 млн.преди 5 месеца
12:13Disney Vampirina In Amusement Park
Disney Vampirina In Amusement ParkПоказвания 5 млн.преди 5 месеца
10:52TikTok New Viral Videos | Vegetables challenge
TikTok New Viral Videos | Vegetables challengeПоказвания 2,3 млн.преди 5 месеца
14:30FUNNY DIY PRANK! Best DIY Prank on Couple
FUNNY DIY PRANK! Best DIY Prank on CoupleПоказвания 2,4 млн.преди 5 месеца
10:12How Could Vegetables Ever Get Arrested?
How Could Vegetables Ever Get Arrested?Показвания 4,7 млн.преди 5 месеца
11:27Vegetable Wants To Be A Disney Princess
Vegetable Wants To Be A Disney PrincessПоказвания 18 млн.преди 5 месеца
10:49Vegetable Washed Lady Bug Costume
Vegetable Washed Lady Bug CostumeПоказвания 1,9 млн.преди 5 месеца
12:16Vegetables Laughing At Ghost
Vegetables Laughing At GhostПоказвания 984 хил.преди 5 месеца
12:33My Bad Day
My Bad DayПоказвания 3,8 млн.преди 5 месеца
12:20Disney Princesses Party At Hotel
Disney Princesses Party At HotelПоказвания 3,2 млн.преди 5 месеца
11:13Baldi's Basics VS Vegetables
Baldi's Basics VS VegetablesПоказвания 2,8 млн.преди 6 месеца
10:19Vegetables Became Slime
Vegetables Became SlimeПоказвания 2,8 млн.преди 6 месеца
PENCILMATE Becomes A VEGETABLESПоказвания 8 млн.преди 6 месеца
11:38My Father VS My Boyfriend
My Father VS My BoyfriendПоказвания 3,8 млн.преди 6 месеца
12:36Vegetables In A Magic Country
Vegetables In A Magic CountryПоказвания 1,2 млн.преди 6 месеца
13:04Disney Princesses Became Parents
Disney Princesses Became ParentsПоказвания 15 млн.преди 6 месеца
15:04LEGO Attacks Vegetables
LEGO Attacks VegetablesПоказвания 2 млн.преди 6 месеца