SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Official Trailer # 2 (2019) Jim Carrey Movie HD

Публикуван на 12.11.2019 г.
SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Official Trailer # 2 (2019) Jim Carrey Movie HD
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  • What do you think of Sonic's new design ? 😁

  • I just realized that sonic is in parks and recreation aka Jean Ralphio

  • Nobody: The beginning of the movie: *S E G A A A A A*

  • Shädman: *it's free real estate*



  • Is Sonic 2 movie gonna have Miles "Tails" Prower next?

  • Now dis some SONIC me like! love the trailer but they all just like need more heavy rock music like it always was. It missing. Ten times better if I just have it on repeat and listen to Metallica and Delta Parole as background music. Banger

  • Is it just me or does the new version replace the romantic subplot from the first trailer with a bromance between Sonic and the human guy? Because if so props to them. Romantic subplots and forced focus on the "movie characters" while sidelining the original characters is what a lot if Hollywood adaptations suffer from. The most egregious examples of this are the western godzilla adaptations. Even detective pikachu had a hint of this too.

  • This movie is getting worse than Dreamcast nuy sales....

  • Wonderful animation

  • 0:18

  • Imagine if sonic not re-designed, how much meme could we make from his appearance

  • SEGA🥺

  • I feel like the movie would have been better with the old design lmao imagine going to the Theater High asf!

  • 😔 this looks decent. I forced my friend to watch detective Pikachu with me now we’re going to this.

  • We had a perfect realistic Sonic, then all these millennials, who are too young to have actually played the game, had a little bitch fit. Now we have this cartoony Sonic. It's the same problem that happened ith Roger Rabbit - Don't put cartoon characters in live action scenes. Looks shit.

  • Sonic honeymoon 🥰😍:

  • awesome

  • She said im so lonely inside so she made me feel at home by putting it inside her it felt warm and wet and when i put it out it rains....feel me

  • Tbh I was never a Mario fan I was more a sonic kinda person ever since I was a little girl and still am I’m happy there’s a sonic movie

  • Sanchez

  • I miss Sonic’s look before the redesign

  • The music so good to listen

  • I think the second sonic movie will release February 18 2022

  • A great series A must watch Subscribe Harika bir dizi Mutlaka İzle Abone ol unutma

  • . Bbnkkjj

  • 3 hedgehogs were killed during the making of this film.

  • *Круто реально крутой фильм реально зашебись Вопше клас офигеть как же офигено вов как же. Неожидано да клас*

  • Thank goodness they got rid of the abomination we were going to have and I’m happy they got rid of gangster’s paradise

  • *Mega Driver* ❤ *Sonic* ❤ *Sega* ❤

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  • love that Jim Carrey is In It As The Bad Guy

  • I kinda want a move with the old modem and the new model

  • Oh my God I looked at this trailer and the design of sonic and then I went to look back at the old trailer and holy shit that design made me wanna barf, thank god we bullied them into listening :)

  • I know Sonic's real name, I know his birthday, I know where he was born, I know his top speed in base form, I know his uncle's name, I know his dog's name, I know how Scourge works, and I know how Sonic 06 ends. I'm the biggest Sonic fan any of you know except Christian Chandler and this movie is fucking awful.

  • 1:34 me in my bedroom calmly going insane

  • Айм Саник

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