Voting Machines: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Публикуван на 4.11.2019 г.
John Oliver discusses how voting machines work, how they don’t, and how we can fix them.
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  • Voting machines are not connected to the internet at the polling place. So no matter who takes it apart and tries to hack it. THEY WILL FAIL. The only time it's connected to the internet is when it's removed from the polling place and taken to a secured government office by state reps and downloaded to the federal voting office. There's no way these machines can be hacked at a polling station. It's a funny bit John. It's just not true. Mixing in a decade old video is cute just not honest. 👎

  • This is why Republicans have pushed for paper ballots for years. Demoncrats have pushed for all ballets to be controlled electronically. It's good to see that John suports the Republicans on voting by paper ballots or at leadt getting a paper record of a person vote to be kept for record and recounts if necessary.

  • Unfortunately, the video only scratches the surface. The electoral system of the USA is basically flawed and violated and undermines the basic principles of a free, secret and democratic election. To abolish voting computers and ban them for all time would be a step in the right direction, but it does not solve the underlying problem. But I guess that's something the US audience doesn't want to hear. Translated with (free version)

  • why over complicate the voting process. go analog, down to basics. the only way to beat high tech crime is to go low tech. At least its something. pen and paper if you have to

  • That's why, for many years, I have a paper ballot mailed to me and I go to the polling place on election day and turn it in.

  • Our voting machines are no more hackable than Lizzie Borden's parents.

  • This pompous little twit should go back to England . His squeaky cartoon voice is so fucking annoying ! Why do people come to the U.S. (and millions want to) then trash talk about it . This clown makes a good living here making fun of the country that has been so good for him . Too many comedians take this same cheap route these days . If you don`t like it here fuck off . Yes there is lots of things wrong or need changed but if you think there is a better place to live …… GO ! Just GO ! Wasn`t Woopy swearing to leave ??? All mouth no action . Canadian living in the U.S.

    • @fake fake zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • @btlmania64 It's a link to the true form of a famous quote people like you insist in misremembering: _My country, right or wrong;_ if right, to be kept right; and *if wrong, to be set right.*

    • @fake fake Huh ?? are you saying anything ??

    • @Stephen2462 No constructive criticism here . Just drivel for your empty head


  • Ivanka Trump has trademarks for voting machines. I wonder why that might be...

  • If you can't hack the voting machine, just hack the people casting the votes.

  • We don't have any of those 3 examples he's talking about in LA.

  • This is what I love about Elections Canada: standard procedure across the country & no voting machines. U set up an hour or so before the polls open. U prove to a rm full of ppl the ballot box is empty, votes counted by hand, various seals to prevent tampering and witnesses.

  • How come they dont make an App for voting?? What is our technology so lame? Wtf Amazon, or FB or Google? Can you not make this dilemma easier?


  • Tom Scott and John Oliver would be a most unexpected but welcome crossover

  • Or heres an idea. Just use paper ballets.

    • Ballots ... Not Ballets ... Unless you want ballet dancers running the country.

  • Euphoria is a fucking stupid show, they dramatize things obviously but the whole premise is the characters are annoying and do dumb shit and they try to make it look cool as possible, not all young people are that dumb and the drug scenes are weird and cringey

  • A third through the video and I already need to post "important topic, way too establishment, with both fanning of russian phobia and suggestions that it literally doesn't matter if our voting machines just shredded our ballots because the only real choices are brown and 'is that mahogany, oh no wait, it's brown'" I typically just like the show when it focuses on small issues that fall through the cracks because when it doesn't it tends to become like corporate news media with some better jokes.

  • I was a DRO in the most recent Canadian federal election, which means my job was taking care of the ballots. We use a strictly paper system and I had to sign the back of each ballot, check that the number was the same one I issued (I only issued one at a time to do that) and then hand it back to the voter so they could place it in the ballot box. Yes, I had to count them all at the end of the night but I didn't mind because I knew that they system ensured no tampering with the vote. Paper ballots really are the way to go.

  • Here's an idea. How about paper ballots? Crazy, i know! But maybe just give it a try. -_-

  • your vote doesnt matter.

  • Just get a machine that counts a vote and write it on a damn piece of paper or email the amount out. Is that how we can do that or am I just being silly?

  • Opinion: A third party voting system is the possible answer. A third party provides computerized systems to the event, the machines print a pair of cards with the voters choice, one for the voter to keep and one for the attendant in order to corroborate voting results. The third party provides the machines as well as maintains them then collects the data and tallies the votes stored on digital media in the machines providing the results to the customer. The customer counts their paper ballots and data is compared for accuracy. If there are any arguments for error or tampering, the voters ballots, which have ideally never left their possession, can be verified by having them presented for confirmation. 3 sets of data for corroboration and error checking in both real-time and in post and a significant boost in trust from the voter.... at least that their votes were counted correctly.

  • Someone please get Steven Sugal off of my penis

  • People in the video: Well they're supposed to get it right so it's fine. Me: You mean there's a chance my vote isn't tampered with?

  • All electronic machines need to be abolished. Whats so hard with a paper ballot (with simple instructions) where you circle your candidate with a pen?

  • "he brought the log, she brought the cabin," omfg

  • I just asked the L.A. County clerks office about how safe they feel their Ballot Marking Devices (aka voting machines) are, since they're starting to test them here. They claimed the devices are never connected to the internet so it was safe, but thankfully you had a good example to the contrary in this segment about this which I pointed out to them. Whether they listen or not we'll see, but having this made my objection seem more reasonable and less NIMBY. So thank you for providing us with well researched examples of why paper ballots are probably always going to be better, and just well researched stories in general. :)

  • "Chernobyl Musketeers"😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • We seriously need to get Trump out of the White House... That being said... Unless his loss is by an undeniable landslide he will never recognize the results of such a vote there by refusing to relinquish his position causing CHAOS in our society... Wich will most likely ignite our 2nd civil war... I don't know what that will look like but I can assure you they will use force to get him out and his people will use force to keep him in... It will be a mess... I guarantee it!!!

  • Business Opportunity

  • I'm a computer programmer. I've spent 2 decades working in software development. DO NOT USE DIGITAL VOTING MACHINES! There is no way of securing these machines and there is no way of auditing an election, after the fact, to investigate possible fraud.

  • the last week tonight comment section, where apparently everyone not from the US is from a perfect fucking country.

  • 13:08 no he didn't. It could be a dialup ISP, but it could just as easily be any other proprietary system that has no connection to the internet whatsoever. It anything in between.

  • EUA should learn with Brazil, our voting system is decades ahead. ;)

  • The US is very inspired by the Roman Empire, indeed. The senate can ruin anything, maniacs become leaders a lot of the time, and the ones that aren't manical and are loved get killed in public :v

  • By the you all REALLY think that all this is by chance or/and mistake..? THEY NEED THE VOTES NOT PROVEN! When someone in Washington REALLY NEEDS something will be done veeery do the math..(- meening..NO DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA EITHER! FOR A LONG TIME NOW! least no one else dies as a President..soo.. that's good..)

  • ("oh..but somehow try to convert from the Billions then and Millions and -"half that price" now..ok..?")also..Putin JOKED! the continued sentence there was " we'd make you feel happy over there.." on which the translation was"..this is.."..!!(so even if it's true you didn't get any Russian language knowing votes for America there..)

  • He's absolutely right. Here's proof.

  • Maybe Brazil can lend US some voting machines? 😅

  • I'm pretty sure here in Canada we only use paper and count them all by hand because I've never heard of us having any of these types of issues