How To Fillet Every Fish | Epicurious

Публикуван на 12.12.2019 г.
Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join Mike Cruz, manager of Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Wholesale, as he details the best methods for cleaning and preparing just about every fish you could encounter in the kitchen. Not every fillet is made the same and learning the proper technique can elevate your seafood game to the next level. So, if you're ready to learn how to fillet every fish, Mike has you covered and then some.

Sardine 00:41
Porgy 1:36
Mackerel 2:49
Branzino 4:41
Striped Bass 6:11
Sea Bass 7:52
Arctic Char 9:19
Red Snapper 10:16
Catfish 11:34
Trout 13:43
Tilefish 14:47
Hiramasa 16:18
Pollock 17:11
Salmon 18:21
Monkfish 20:01
Mahi Mahi 21:45
Skate Wing 23:07
Turbot 25:29
Fluke 27:22
Squid 29:20
Octopus 31:36

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How To Fillet Every Fish | Epicurious


  • He's bad at filleting skin lol maybe needs to be re trained

  • So... who here watched the entire video?

  • my uncle and I go fishing all the time. Now I can out wit my uncle who has been fishing all his life. the only fish I would usually eat are porgies and striped bass.

  • Noticed he flipped me off

  • And this is how I end up in the er.

  • I would just straight up vomit if I would ever pull out the organs of a fish

  • What about tilapia? Isnt that one of the most commonly consumed fish?

  • ქართველი ვინმე არის?

  • I don’t even eat fish, much less gut them. Why am I watching this??

  • This dude says fishes eith arms Me: wtf fishes have arms??? He shows a squid and an octopus* Me: oooooooh i get it now🤯🤯🤯

  • this is disgusting but slightly satisfying and entertaining at the same time so i kind of like it

  • I like this guy. Very informative and gives out a lot of tips. Well done.

  • 2:53 That fish looks like it's been photoshopped onto the table

  • The intro to any fish sounds like animal crossing 😂

  • vegans stay away!!

  • I don't eat meat or fish... why did I watch this?

  • Wow!!! Great job👏

  • My grandad used to debone mackerel with a pen knife when wed be on the beach in devon UK. My fave fish to eat I catch it myself every summer best time!

  • This was in my recommendations-

  • no one: mahi mahi: :U

  • Finally some enjoyable and educational BGtorrent content.

  • 20:39 That's parallel not perpendicular

  • "this is their...head cavity" *SLAPS*

  • I just dont get it why salmon has different cut than the other large fishes?

    • @VikoMillennia yeah :-\

    • @Aditya Kumar well so basically the market has chosen?

    • Because salmon is classically eaten as steak and not fillet

  • I just found a new skill that I want to master!

  • I'm a 1000%,vegan, but still made it to the end of this video! 😶

  • Why did i watch this? Idk, help me

  • Is he pinoy?

  • The spine is the best part of sardine! 😭

  • 26:01 me😂😔

  • 2:52 lol. "It is a fish"

  • മീനിന്റെ മുള്ളു വരെ തിന്നുന്ന ഞാൻ 😬

  • This video would have been helpful back when I lived in Florida. The fresh fish selection in the Midwest is almost nonexistent.

  • He is so fione

  • Is crab a fish?

  • Me- I can't even eat fi- My brain- stfu and watch the video!!! You NEEEEEED this

  • Eww eww ewww!!! THAT IS SO SAD

  • In indonesia, we just pull out the belly organs then cook them all till head. Event, in west sumatra fish head curry is the best food.

  • him: "try to be nice to the fish" also him: **fillets the fish** **calls the fish garbage**

  • nobody: the fish fillet guy: **slaps and caresses fish for no reason**

  • Welcome to videos you didn’t search!

  • Why am i here?

  • Thank u I learned a lot from you Cant find all fish here in my country though

  • I didn’t see a shark

  • why am i here..

  • Are squids fish?

  • @26:00 That fish is like me, we both have depression.. hang in there buddy :O

  • Wait how do I filet crab

  • This is every vegan worst nightmare

  • He sexy

  • it’s 3 am why am I here

  • thank you very helpful

  • makasi infonya

  • You can't "sruput" those fish if you cut it that way

  • My Brain: Ok this is pretty simple instructions. My Hands: WHY YOU SPEEKE GERMAN!?

  • Steelhead trout very similar to a rainbow trout eh? I wonder if that could be because Steelhead simply refers to sea run populations of various salmonids and that literally is a rainbow trout.

  • I think this is more important than sleep even though I can't cook

  • Wtf are they even gonna do with all the left over fish?

  • 34min and he doesn't fillet salmon 🤦‍♂️

  • Let’s be real... we will all never use these