Hydro Dipping Crocs Again With A Small Amount Of Redemption But Not Really

Публикуван на 7.11.2019 г.
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  • Put a clear sealer coat on them

  • You should try spraying it with varnish so it doesn't chip. That works for me on canvas, idk about shoes, but wouldn't hurt to try lol

  • my son has crocs that light up ,just saying!

  • Hey Jenna, what brand are your favorite leggings?

  • I just want you to know. I'm getting a bird. I'm naming it Cermit (or Kermit idk) XD


  • There will never be a better hype man than Julian

  • can you please make a tik tok I know you are basically showing us the behind the scenes footage already with these videos but I am hungry and need to be fed even more content

  • Jenna 9 months ago: *names a painting ‘stop it’* Jenna 1 week ago: *names a pair of crocs ‘stop it’* Jenna 2 years from now: *names a plant ‘stop it’* Jenna 5 years from now: *names a wall ‘stop it’* Jenna 10 years from now: *names a house ‘stop it’* Jenna 20 years from now: *names a rocket ‘stop it’*

  • Imagine Jenna sprayed Julian with glow in the dark paint

  • I wanna be a cowboy baby Jenna hell ya

  • Jenna, you might try a product called Mr. Super Clear (MSC) it's used by doll repainters (among many others) so that they can add layers of colors to their designs - it would probably allow you to dip more than once as well as set the paint!

  • Jenna: but i don't have a Patreon Julien: *but i do* (zooms in on feet)

  • When you hydro dipped crocs, that was my first video I watched, I was like "oh shes nice", then you said "shit" and i said "ok and... subscribed"

  • They make light up (LED) shoes for adults, in case you wanted a pair c: Personally... I'm definitely getting a pair next time I buy shoes.

  • „This one looks cool and this one looks ugly” Me and my friend. (I’m the ugly one)

  • Rub them with sandpaper so it will stick

  • 3:44 OoOooHhhHhh

  • jennaAAA spray them with Mr. Super Clear afterwards theyll last forever

  • 5:21 - me: oo, that was cute... oo, wait - OO - aww... -_-

  • Crocs are waterproof sand them so the paint can get a better grip then use translucent setting spray like what a previous commenter said

  • Try nail polish

  • i am OBSESSED with jennas eyebrow slit

  • You need to use 100% acetone first or something to break away the top layer of the crocs so it can stick better

  • “Hydro Dipping Crocs with a Small Amount of Redemption but Not Really” by Fall Out Boy

  • You should seal it

    • Hi Jenna how about to paint some clothes and make coloful outfit?

  • Jenna theres this japanese show where one thing in a room is made out of chocolate and the contestants have to guess what it is, with their mouth. So they go around biting household objects until they finally bite the thing made out of chocolate. Idk what you want to do with this information but i feel like its up your alley 🤣🤣

  • I call this one...stap it

  • I wanna see jenna and julien remake her 'Bounce That D*ck' music video

  • Can you please make an entire glow in the dark outfit complete with hair



  • круто)

  • Sand them before spraying. Rough texture might help

  • As a Cosplayer I can tell you that the base is missing. You gotta use PlastiDip on bendable material like that :)) Love the result nonetheless!!

  • Where can i buy this top?

  • Finishing/setting spray will make you be able to stomp around in those longer

  • none of y’all hoes can ever say that jenna clickbaits

  • Sooo are we getting a redemption wig video soon? Or are we accepting it for what it was?

  • "I don't have a patreon" "I do" [zooms in on feet]

  • You're so committed.

  • Hi Jenna how about to paint some clothes and make coloful outfit?

  • idk about anyone else but I really want to see you guys play episode again!!!! And no matter what game it is I vote you name your character beech regardless 😂❤️

  • oil & water isnt a thing yall....... shouldve known better

  • Frame glasses yes!

  • part of my pc tower is glow in the dark and it terrifies me when i walk in the room at night taking ur panels off and just going nuts with artsy stuff is Very Fun i Recommend

  • Jenna you need to put setting spray on them so they don't flake.

  • It’s just 13 mins of “that’s so cool”

  • Hi, Jenna! When I saw this video I immediately thought of you! You must do it! It can only be repeated by you!!! instagram.com/p/B4IIZGiArNh/?

  • i thought she said ‘ i hydro dipped a pair of cocks-‘ ....

  • Woah yeah yeah yeah

  • Video idea, making random items glow in the dark

  • Try Plastidip- it might stick to the rubber better

  • I wish she’d open an Etsy shop or something I want a pair crafted from her hands

  • you should replace all the bulbs in your house with black light bulbs and do highlighter string painting

  • I work in the paint department in Home Depot and almost never sell any of those things she bought. Minus the blue marking paint but it’s still really funny.

  • draw bee's on the mediocre ones. bzzzzzdflsnmg.. Make them GLOWO

  • Jenna trying to do work. Julianne epepepepep

  • Jenna, wearing rainbow crocs: “yeah I could use more rainbow crocs”

  • This intro is spooky idk why