HIGHLIGHTS | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2

Публикуван на 10.11.2019 г.
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  • They both fail to win in there home country

  • Man:Ksi Man:Knowledge truth integrity Me: um ok

  • The real winner is the ref

  • Logan should have won

  • -I saw Justin Bieber -BGtorrent that his channel named Jesus Christ watched the fight,he said he liked it -Famous youtubers were there -I was playing minecraft that time can you guys see me?

  • I’m a Ksi fan but I’m going to be honest I feel like he lost people say he won because he is a the better boxer but Logan for sure beat him it was just that 2 point deduction that was definitely a mistake or the ref is just way too old and needs to retire Lol but I dunno I feel like Logan won he just got kinda robbed

  • This is epic

  • WOW that was some trash boxing...

  • Why does Logan continue to bear hug ksi lol?

  • 1:15 K: Knowledge S: Truth I: Integrity

  • My dad used to be a boxing referee and I’m also training to be a professional boxer when I grow up. So yes I do know what I’m doing. And I watch the full event and to be honest I kind didn’t wanna watch it because I thought it was a joke then I watch the whole thing and then I was like I need to score this the right way so I Re watch the whole fight three times to get three different point of views and I think Logan should’ve one on unanimous decision because I scored the fight for him all three times First time I watched it I scored it 58 to 56 for Logan. The second time I watched it I scored it 58 to 57 also for Logan and I watched it the third time and I scored it 56-55 for Logan.

  • Not bad for BGtorrentrs

  • When Logan played take a step back KSi played the reverse card

  • Logan won that. It was a near draw, but I have Logan by 3 points by my count.

  • Logan holds like 30 times, gets awarded an illegal knockdown, complains he was sick and challenges.. way to take it like a champ, champ

  • Ksi - knowledge truth integrity, that's the acronym.. That ain't it chief

  • he won

  • bru like ksi clearly won

  • ksi might win

    • This is hard to see like a suicide in a forest

  • yo that hook

  • I think time froze for them when he said United and it would have been hilarious if he just froze on united

  • What is life🤣🤣🤣

  • People think this shot was a joke. Watch the other fights and you’ll realize how hard they’re hitting. They’ve actually gotten decent at boxing.

  • Wow, Logan lost the fight,quicker than JJ lost his virginity

  • Logan still a better boxer

  • Round 1: Logan Round 2: Ksi Round 3: Ksi Round 4: Logan Round 5: Logan Round 6: Ksi Ksi beat Logan Because Of His Aggression!!!

  • Logan is the real winner .. those 2 points taken were unfair

  • I watch this everyday


  • Logan Paul vs KTI

  • Ksi love you too much and you are the 9 time champion

  • 1:15 My man changed his name to kti lol

  • I’m gonna tell my kids this is Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder

  • J essaye de voir Mahdi ba

  • This is hard to see like a suicide in a forest

  • Gg

    • I'm so proud of KSI and if there any Logan Paul fans, come at me

  • not a fan between this two clown, but i will be honest .....i laugh so hard when i see logan paul reaction when he think he win but he lost....XD!!!!

  • Logan Paul is gonaa Win But They Take Him 2 points That's not fear

  • That’s why ksi won

  • Gonna tell my kids that this was Olympics