The 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Is the Last Old-School Mercedes

Публикуван на 7.11.2019 г.
The 2002 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Silver Arrow was the last old-school Mercedes. Today I'm reviewing this SL500 and I'm showing you all around this great example of the R129 Mercedes SL. Then I'm driving this 2002 SL500 to show you what it's like to get it out on the road.
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  • god america really sucks for cars

  • yeah they no longer do the perfect and purposeful look anymore. Everything is overdone in the industry today

  • Annoying prick.

  • Doug is clearly in love with this car...... not sure why...... it’s not very quick and it is elderly now

  • The wind deflector is damaged I saw a hole in it. Lot of little wear and tear scratches too! BTW oem parts for this baby will make you shit your pants!

  • Doug is wearing a kiddie bracelet

  • Watch out for sun burn!

  • Hot day!

  • His nose has quirks and features

  • Tommy

  • More nostalgia Doug, thanks, I remember the 500SL as a kid in the mid 90's, but the nostalgia for me is right here, I was 15 in 2002 and I thought this car was so cool, I loved the solid-looking, powerful, confident, simple styling (I still do) and the car itself was just a really nice execution overall. I remember the 97 generation of the SL600 V12 being Andrew Cunanan's dream car on the mini series/dramatization on the murder of Gianni Versace

  • I loved that SL. And yeah, later SL's have been absolute garbage. The current SL is atrocious and MB should launch a new one considering how amazing their lineup is right now.

  • The top sounds like a VCR rewinding the tape.

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  • He said this is the best ever SL, and I agree. But at the top of his list was a 2018 SL450, which he emphasizes on multiple occasions as undesirable...huh?

  • The thing with the role bar was incorrect here. Yes, as he showed, you had the option of manually activating it. But in the case of an actual accident, there were sensors on the car that if detecting an imminent ‘role over’ would automatically rapidly raise said role bar without the need of any driver you were always ‘safe’ so to speak.

  • The locks are a vacuum that creates a vacuum pump in the trunk, so you can hear them gradually lock.

  • "It was a better car than the one that came after it" - LOL No it fucking wasn't. The R129 is awesome but the R230 destroyed it in every way.

  • Looks similar to the mustang in the same time period.

  • The SL 600 is the better version or the very rare SL 73 AMG at 529 hp!!

  • Hi Doug....I have a 2002 SL 500 Silver Arrow. Exact car you are showing. Mine has 28,000 miles and in perfect showroom condition.. What do you think it is worth...I paid close to 100,000 in 2002. Certainly hope it is worth more than 15,000? Thanks.

  • hate #Baubax crappy pants and jacket

  • Luxury cars age and depreciate terribly. Perfect example here

  • Nnnnoooo, Dougie. The R107 was built into 1989 and IT was the last of the old school Mercedes, meaning it was designed by engineers, not accountants

  • 11:53 that compartment is actually for the phone that you could get in the mid 90s. My dad has the car phone it still works too😂

  • How did you manage to get Thing 1 and Thing 2 to put the roof on??

  • Top goes down, cue James Bond theme music

  • Keyless uncommon in 2002?

  • November?

  • I mostly blame Doug for the beautiful 2004 E55 AMG, that is sitting in my garage. I just had to find out for myself what the AMG deal was. :-)

  • Mercedes didn't "get rid" of the glove box 🙄... the R129 featured airbags from first production And, as many others have said, the rollbar is automatically engaged if any two wheels leave the ground...

  • Review a Ford Pinto

  • There was also 4 seated versions. Eventhough you could fit back there only small kids :D Here is one for sale:

  • The antenna should go up more than that... there are 4 pieces but they stick very easily

  • Doug, the roll bar of the SL was not manual. If the car hit a certain pitch angle the roll around pops up very abruptly.

  • the glove box above the air-conditioning it's wrong that's where the 90s mobile cell phone went. with a little spiral antenna sticking up in the back of car. 11:48

  • My Subaru Forester has the movable armrest 😂😂😂

  • Never knew Doug has 2 teenage sons lmfao Just kidding 😊

  • Doug can you do this for w219 cls please ?!)

  • Wrong Mr Doug the SL had backseats 😒