How to Pick the Best Stocks to Buy

Публикуван на 12.12.2019 г.
If you've followed the Motley Fool at all, you probably know David Gardner.
David’s one of the Fool's co-founders. He's also the guy that picked:
Amazon in 2002 (up over 11,000%)
MercadoLibre in 2009 (up over 4,000%)
Intuitive Surgical in 2005 (up over 3,500%)
Perhaps most famously, he picked Netflix back in 2004, and those that followed him are up over 16,000%!
Safe to say, the guy knows a thing or two about how to pick great stocks.
David wants to share how he spots life-changing investments way before anyone else does, and how you can use his approach to try and pick winners yourself. In this video he breaks down:
- How to find the best stocks to invest in
- Some good stocks to buy now

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  • Who can afford Amazon but the very rich?

  • Buy Home Depot stocks trust me

  • I thought you were going to highlight Walt's anti-semitism for a moment there,.. lolz

  • What's the point of never selling a stock that doesn't pay an income, to make your kids rich?

    • The idea is to have a mentality of never selling an individual stock. When you sell an individual stock, chances are great you're doing so for a short-term, panicky reason. There will be moments to sell (a part of) your *portfolio*, but then you should be selling lots of different stocks.

  • Watch Rule#1 investing

  • do you still think charlottes web is a good choice

    • Sorry I was typing fast lol

    • I think so but its a matter of waiting. Do your homework first before investing. Make a list of 10 cannabis company's that you want to keep an eye on before investing. Pretend or think like you are an employee of each company. Look into every company's investor relations page and see their revenue. Study their page get familiar with their numbers from the Jan to Dec. and try to figure out why you would want to invest in a company. Last thing would be how much are you willing to invest. The good news is that the majority of cannabis company's are cheap now which makes it easier for any to join the ball game before it goes sky rock high.

  • what is the Dec 19 pock

  • Hola my name is dolores Anastasio, I first invested in your company last month for $99.00 and you give me one stock of the Mariguana boom. But I do not know hoe my stack is doing. I need your help, before I continue to invest. Please help. Gracias.

    • Hey Lolita - If you email our member support team they'll be able to help you out! Shoot them a note at:

  • I usually just do opposite of whatever Motley Fool, CNBC, or any other major news outlet says. Works great. Seriously. Think about it. Baited in by Euphoria then you end up chasing and being the bagholder. Be careful.

  • How about Xiaomi Xiaomi debuts at # 7 in Fortune's future 50 list of companies with greatest growth

  • These are not stocks to buy now, these are stocks that you should have bought 8 to ten years ago. Literally anyone could make up this list. Hindsight is 20:20.

  • Nothing original, apart of Datadog

  • I loved this interview. Simply excellent content and advice! Please have Gardner again on the show in the future.

  • Is he implying Netflix is still a good buy?

    • @Tazzz 69 Dazzermind Because your wife & 2 sons are smart and know a good deal when they see it. Netflix is by far the best bang for the buck compared to any other streaming service or cable. If you don't get that, then you're just a stubborn mule. Lol!

    • Wisedisguise Personally most people like me are hooking up an android box & can get anything that's on Netflix, Disney + etc for free. Also streaming is becoming very competitive !! There's better stocks out there !!! Imo. I don't know why my wife & 2 sons still pay for Netflix ? Lol.??

    • @Wisedisguise Yeah, you never know. But I think my hunch will be proven correct if Netflix is still growing subscribers by a decent clip when they report earnings in January.

    • @The Dude Abides Good arguments and for your stock sake I hope that they can stay on top. Can´t look into the future unfortunately :D

    • @Wisedisguise Hardly. Disney+ is a flash in the pan, my friend. They will fade to another niche player like HBO because of the lack of new content. Netflix, on the other hand, has a flood of new content and pretty much releases something new every week right now. As much of an advantage that Disney+ has in brand names and family, they're not a total cable replacement like Netflix. Disney+ doesn't have the variety and scale right now not to mention the fact that they are handicapped by not being able to release edgy, adult content like Netflix. Disney+ may look cheap at $6.99 a month, but it's still not nearly as much of a bargain as Netflix when you calculate the quality and quantity of content per dollar.

  • Do something on FTSE 100

  • Nice video, greetings from Peru!

  • Love the video- maybe try not to display the single-use plastic water bottle?

    • Oh, grow up snowflake. Who gives a shit? I'm going to buy some plastic straws in your honor now.

    • @Ray S Surely he'd refill from the tap. I don't notice the single use bottle but I did notice the printed articles 😣

    • Should he drink it in a bamboo container with a paper straw?

    • Why? Maybe he owns stock in Smart Water. Even if he displayed a reusable container, he would still have to empty the single use bottle into that container. What bothered me about it is that he never put the cap back on. That is a big spill on to the laptop just waiting to happen. Besides all the water bottles in the oceans come from 10 rivers. 8 are in Asia and 2 are in Africa...

  • Good advice. "Buy stocks 10 years ago." Now that it's been 11 years of bull market...and the Fed is currently pumping billions of dollars in to the bank repo market EVERYDAY. It might be time to take some profits, and give some advice for the next 10 years of stock market. Because it won't look like the last 10 years. New advice: buy gold, because the inflation from QE4 will be insane. Nobody ever went broke taking profits.

  • Alright I like this ...much better guys..

  • Love Motely Fool - Been a fan for 20 years! Even since the days when the 'Foolish Four' was published in 1999.

  • 3:00 "the sequels in video games get better", can´t generalize that unfortunately. There are many, many games out there with horrible sequels like Gothic 3, Mass Effect Andromeda only to name two. Gaming companies are just like any other companies, if they don´t deliver good products their reputation and revenue suffers.

    • @Craig Buckley Rockstar are always the exception to the rule in gaming

    • Gta gets better and red dead was better

    • That's a true story

  • can you do an episode on the best crypto currency's/assets/tokens to invest in the long term future. crypto/block-chain is a disruptive technology that is solving real world problems. would love to hear your view on this emerging market.

    • AnbesaNegus I wouldn't bother with crypto currency. Stick with companies that are in the S&P 500 BMY, ABBV, QCOM, PLCE, OXY, VNQ, FL, MMM, CHL etc.

  • Do you guys have a podcast I can play in car?

    • The Fool has several podcasts. If you want to hear more of David it’s called Rule Breaker Investing. I would also recommend checking out MarketFoolery.

  • I found a Small Canadian Company Called Nextech AR Solutions at the Epa Center of Augmented Reality Ecommerce Shopping. The owner Evan took Take -Two interactive Software Gaming Public And has numerous other Great Exits Making investors Huge Profits. NEXTECH has a chance to disrupt 4 different multi Billion dollar verticals in AR. Do You consider the way we will Shop in Augmented Reality a Game Changer ? I do ! Am i wrong ?

  • If one has $35000 in cash to invest now would you pick index funds like American index or pick stocks

    • David, investing $35k in index funds is a good idea for long term, picking stocks is also a good idea but you might pump and dump stocks due to inexperience. I would suggest you work close with your broker, as for me I take my brokers' (Mary Jo Wubker ) recommendations, and its paying off monthly. A $35k investment can get you $5k monthly if invested well.

    • M

  • I would love to know more if this I'd real I'm don't know anything about this

  • I hear much about stocks but I'm the only not making any money or decisions

  • Dave is OG.

  • I like Schlumberger, Halliburton, Mattel at the moment. Looking at them carefully.

    • Schlumberger is a consistent loser. Cramer has been buying & losing in it for years. Don't try to catch a falling knife is my personal opinion.

  • Great analysis on how to pick great stocks especially i like the way David has over and over again insisted on being patient and long term investing. Definately knowing the company well and what type products the company are also great indicators towards pickimg great companies.

    • Irrespective of that, there better and more aggressive way to face the market. I made $80,000 profit from the last 2 quarters of 2019. My financial adviser Mary Wubker has her own meticulous strategies. Diversification is the way. Look up Mary Wubker on the web.

    • If you´re not for the fast money always only pick stocks which you would hold for 10 years or longer. Old market rule. Gather data, compare with other similar stocks and then buy at a drop. Invest now in the big players of tomorrow

  • David Gardner is so animated 😋

  • The best thing to do to find the best stocks is to not read through your website when the next new hype stock like weed stocks is pushed in every second article... No pun intended.

    • @Mondknall Bubbles and trends are differents things, I agree. Didn´t know that the weed stock busniness right now is like that. Good to know, thanks :)

    • @Wisedisguise While this is true there is a big difference between something like Netflix/Starbucks and weed stocks. Especially pushing this kind of stock to the audience when everyone with stock knowledge knows that it is an inflated bubble that could burst any time is not worthy of an otherwise good investment website. In my opinion.

    • Difficult because you can make good money by buying social trend stocks like Starbucks, Netflix, e.g. . When the hype is done you made good money, but picking the one player that dominates and then selling at the right time is no easy task.

  • Hey folks, we're trimming out the loading screen now, skip to 6:00 for the beginning of the broadcast!