G-Eazy - I Wanna Rock (Official Video) ft. Gunna

Публикуван на 15.10.2019 г.
“I Wanna Rock” ft. Gunna Out Now! smarturl.it/xIWannaRock

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  • There's a really good instrumental of I Wanna Rock. bgtorrent.info/watch/k9yKkaKZhn-_iqc.html

  • i wanna rock i wanna rock ahaha im sittin ere smokin rock im sittin ere smokin rock lalala

  • G-Easy look like Andy Garcia in 1990-th ))

  • Who gave him this hard ass beat

  • I was thinking how would gunna sound on this beat...then after hearing him I can say it s not what I was thinking of. it slaps

  • trash

  • wasn't this supposed to be a scary song?

  • i hear Nip who else?

  • Only one gunna and this isn't him but he's talented

  • G eazy will be better actor for joker

  • If you pay close attention you can hear the dog bark @ 1:30 💀🤣

  • Ok it's kind of obvious that he's trying to be like the joker.

  • Fuck dude I badly wish this song didn’t have gunna’s trash ass 😂

  • i click at 19 seconds and see G eazy talking bout "I want a rock", smh lmao

  • Joker references everywhere

  • Old stuff was so much better than his new stuff

  • I wanna coca

  • I bought a rock

  • I want the backside i make ur titties flop make them titties flop

  • I hateulol jkcomeova

  • When I said it's her and I, that shit was a lie....

  • So “I swear most likely I’m gonna die with you” was a lie? SHOCKER😱

  • crap

  • trash

  • he really wanna rock.

  • The beat though is a killer fucken 🔥

  • puddin and Harley quin vibes?¿

  • Any one else think the nurse look like lil miquela

  • What happened to the full verse in the song on iTunes :(

  • Got a J0KER vibe and Dr. Quinnzel vibe lol

  • Not a one hit wonder, this is why I'm hot (Why I'm hot) No Limit, all I got is Me, Myself & I When I said it's her and I, that shit was a lie ooooooo Shitttt


  • He looks like the joker

  • Run mf run mf


  • “when i said its you and i i lied” OOP

  • awful

  • 🚮🗑️

  • Came here for twisted sister, found this crap... -_-

  • “ I don’t eat bacon, I don’t fuck with cops” 🔥

  • I won a rock

  • do not press read more ... . . . . . . Help me ? subscribe to my channel. peace!

  • this song to good bruv

  • Kid buu popa

  • Shit

  • Music video looks like need for speed

  • If 2019 songs were food, DaBaby and Gunna would be salt and pepper. Just shake on a little of those two to give the song extra flavor.

  • It sounds like he sampled goosebumps a little bit?? Only 80s/90s babies know🔥

  • G-eazy... Who asked for, what your horoscope?

  • Nobody Billie Eilish : I'm bad guy Camila Cabello :I'm shameless G- eazy: I'm gemini

  • May 24 I’m a Gemini ♊️ yes best verse ever

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • I’m here at this video because my fans told me my music on my channel sounds just like this. If this song were to play at my funeral, I may just come back from the dead..

  • Geeeeeeezy kill×d it

  • Words you wont hear a rust player say "I want a rock"

  • I made a million for pop

  • shout out to my gimini people bumpin 2019😎⁉️💯

  • Nah i miss old school g eazy

  • someone give him a rock already!