What Harry and Meghan's non-royal future may look like

Публикуван на 20.01.2020 г.
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have agreed to give up their royal titles and state funding while pursuing more independent lives. CBSN royal contributor Victoria Arbiter explains what their future might look like.
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  • Oh I forgot. Implants

  • Megan can make money with weaves, wigs, and clip inns.

  • How could someone like her have a HRH tittle?

  • These fishuisting and tormented creatures leave the blesded vouple alone. Lord have mercied Report your own stinking stories For God sale. Even when they r mindong there own dam business and not out in public you crosses talking about them.

  • So many bullies out here... Love you Megan and Harry... just be happy...

  • Good kick those fools out of total tax payments benefits Make then work like the rest of us

  • #SussexRoyalGoingGlobalWithOprah Wonderful to note that the Sussex Royal have left the UK and holding hands with Ms. Oprah Winfrey and other successful Companies for the World and the Commonwealth i.e. Largest Fan Base #GoFigure

  • The speech was written by Meghan...by the time he actually realizes just what he gave up ...everything except words in his title..he will be deeply depressed by the isolation while Meghan will thrive being surrounded by what and who she knows.

  • They’re well and truly stuffed as granny has stopped the gravy train.

  • They should not be able to take make money from the Duke and Duchess Sussex Royal however you stated they need to give that up and start their own brand on their own they should not be able to make any money from being in the royal family I can understand why the Queen let them keep HRH although I believe they should are deco also but to make money on the Sussex brand really agitates me that is not being financially independent they should also pay for their own security Canada or Great Britain should not pay for it

  • They get private funding. They GET Soros funds. They'll have to hide that. George v1 moneys are being given to them. Monetized means 90% to them 10% they keep. Hi Edward and Sophie, and little Louise and Little Linley. What happened to the Arctic circle walk.

  • worry bout donald trump dwn fallin america n leave these young birds alone #happinessrule




  • How about minimum wage and they pay for ALLLL of their own expenses, ya know like real people.

  • The taxpayer will continue to pay for their security......soo.....not really financially independent.

  • If the stupid woman doesnt want to be photographed why is she always grinning at the camera

  • I’m rreeally getting tired of news on these 2, there are not royalty anymore, just regular citizens.no more air, magazine, radio, internet and TV time. There is no more meat 🥩 on this bone 🦴.

  • Let's be quite frank about this one staggering fact: Harry's suffering from an identity crisis, he needed psychiatric treatment for his condition and had his head turned/brainwashed by a manipulative schemer for a wife, watch it all go sour in about two more years and the fallout from it will affect their babies welfare/upbringing from being tossed about between UK and Canada like a pass the parcel present. Fact.

  • bgtorrent.info/LPLVajw93Mgp1M36XFJDpGCS19Fokdolt6n.html

  • I wonder if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex saw the footage of their wedding and felt offended by all the faces and snarking his family were pulling during the service?

  • Got the papers got da baby Felicia and mama's life soon B gravy! (fist bump

  • not cashing in on their title. they will still be Duke and Duchess of Sussex when introduced on tv and appearances. they will be RICH.

  • Megan is to black, she is now segregated

  • I don't think Harry has a clue abt wht awaits him outside the palace walls. He is used to being deferred to. LikE his great uncle edward. The queen holds the brand here not them.

    • Pray for him. He prefers to go than to stay. Wish Harry well.

  • Prince Charles, vous êtes un bon père et grand-père pour ton petit fils Archie.

    • 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Harry is turning his back on everything he held dear so his wife can show off in Hollywood.....He is gonna hate this.

    • @Charmaine Crispo Yes thats true ~~i know charles will and Her majesty are very upset about this ~~I think this whole thing is just very sad ~as Harry said in his speech

    • He turned his back on the British people.

    • @BamBam Bigelow I am a yank also ~~and yes i think this whole thing with the media will end up the same ~~thats just the price you pay being born a prince

    • Jeff Gosney...I’m an American, our press, unfortunately will stress him out, I apologize in advance.

    • so true and you know edward 8th regretted abdicating we shall see think the whole thing is horrible

  • Just about all of their expenses are covered by the taxpayers. Where do they think his father gets his money.

  • When Edward left the Royal family he became a sad shell of a man. A man without a country.

  • As an American, everything I know about the royal Family I’ve learned against my will. There’s a satanic globalist agenda to have a world king, you’ll know who The false Christ is when you see the TR-3B🔺

  • Good for Harry and Meghan taking and declaring their freedom to protect their happiness.💕🇺🇸😄🌞

  • I see a Cadillac Escalade with circus wheels, baggy pants and grills on Harry and lots of malt liquor

  • Who cares, please move on with your lives...

  • Can't take the heat - get out of the kitchen. When our daughter joined the Army I advised her - the Army trains you - you don't train the Army. Praying all works out for Harry and Meghan. They are delightful!! Harry should still be able to be a part of the Military and keep his status. It's not like they are leaving the planet.

  • She's a God damn witch. She bewitched Harry!! She's the jackal the bible speaks of!! The mother of the anti Christ. Check Archie for 666 birthmark!!!

  • It is a shame that after such a short time they made this decision. Seems like they just got married. I.did see that Meghan is still being photographed at the airport, walking with the baby. Big smile so it didnt bother her

  • Prince a Harry talks on mental illness sticks to the trendy stuff,bipolar or depression.Stuff the Hollywood actor might suffer but he stays away from schizophrenia the scary stuff.People might find it funny or he might give the game away,the British and American psychiatrists and psychologists human rights crime.To use frequencies for years to inflict harm torture in a British man to inflict manufactured artificial schizophrenia in the victim and instead of ending the frequency weapons assault,they prescribe medication.The medication isn't prescribed to help its prescribed to increase the psychological harm to increase torture on the British victim. It's not a disease it's not fake it's real it's happening no to a British man.Years of frequencies Bombardment to inflict manufactured schizophrenia to run with a television company stalking campaign.Psychological caging of a man.These scientist should be arrested but hide shielded by government.Its not a joke.Scary Stuff schizophrenia but to deliberately create it,what kind of people are they?

  • I don't receive a penny from my father or mother.

  • England already have William and Kate ...who cares 👋 Megan enjoyed your life’s

  • Give praise to Megan,, the only woman to marry a Prince & turn him into a 🐸 frog.!

  • Why isn’t Meghan Markle like Sleeping Beauty? Because when Prince Harry kissed her, it was him that got woke.

  • meghan is perfect a face and beauty to die for, why do people hate her, she is pefect, she never lied, she never done anyting but be kind to the world, she is a gem a real beauty frsh always from her botox and fillers, everyone should worship her , if u dare say anything against her U ARE A RACISTON HER CAUCASIAN PERFECT LOOKS

  • Harry&Meghan are selling Egyptian souvenirs. It’s a pyramid scheme.

  • He married an American actress. It’s gonna look like divorce within 10 yrs and Harry getting wiped out.

  • why are we Americans … many of whom … are living in tents and receiveing "zero" in veteran benefits, so concerned about the super-rich royals and their "master-race" DNA philosophy. When Hitler did this, they called him a "mad-man' now its the most stylish of all social acceptance.

    • Many Americans do not live in tents.. I know California is a problem. Vote them out..My dad was treated great from the veterans administration. He had Parkinson disease. Fill out the paper work. They gave him a lift,wheelchair,and so much more.

  • The Queen, William, and Charles sound unforgiving that Harry married Meghan. I say just let Harry and Meghan be an independent country. The UK hasn't been kind to them after all.

    • @DrummerlovesBookworm And what price does she have to pay ? Take the blame for anything that goes wrong ? Cursed, trashed, vilified to no end ? made a " punching bag' by media ? The wedding has been perceived ( not necessarily or entirely by the British ) to be a reflection of an inclusive ( modernized ) monarchy as it is a blending of two cultures.. That was a good promotion for the Monarchy as well as the UK but Not for long as apparently it left also a bitter taste in the mouth. the $ 40 M security bill for the wedding? Some bews reports would have it that the amount had been "paid back " in terms of revenues generated through tourism - as thousands of tourists had flocked to the UK/ London/ Windsor to be a "part " of that fsiry tale wedding. Take that or leave it . The other point is : how much does she have to give up to be accepted ? putting aside career, old friends, etc. how about the right to privacy ? as some royal experts have said, they have no right to privacy as they are public figures with public funding ? how about the right to defense ? when the Royals have to follow the Mantra " Do not complain. Do not explain." ? To be accepted, you have to play the role defined by tradition or according to a script / expectations ? as one netizen has put it : We pay. you pose. In other words, you have to make appearances. - smile , smile ( like in that sing ) Smile even though it is aching.... maintain that stiff upper lip,. ? never mind your mental health. who cares

    • No. That $45 million dollar wedding with every non traditional nod to diversity she wanted; months of glamorous cover stories; wardrobe allowance DOUBLED; a mansion remodeled and redecorated; the patronage’s and tours of her choice, vacations, jets, jewelry. In two years. Not kind at all.

  • our top headlines today, a strand of hair has fallen from Meghan Markle's head and Harry was spotted at a Diary Queen with little son Archie, stay tune for more important news as we stay on the case.

  • So, Oprah's the one advising them...question answered!

    • Wonderful Partnership with Oprah and admire the OWN Media Mogul for reaching out to the Royals and cant wait to see the creative productions from them. #SussexRoyalGoingGlobalWithOprah

    • Karen Sue Pohlmeier Ummm... No. As Oprah said the two do not need her to advise them. More tabloid disinformation.

  • Harry and Meghan are at the top of their game. They will be very much in demand. I wish them all the best.

  • Best wishes to them.

  • I don’t know how that media act but I’m trying to do some things Bette for future of children I don’t have any intention more than that to save life for future more Generations it’s my promise of god

  • Meghans US tax bill ???

  • Opportunists.

  • Is it always about money? What about integrity, respect and love. Harry, look before you leap.

    • I don't receive a penny from my mom or dad.

  • No matter what happens family is family. Regardless of what decisions are taken.

  • FAKE NEWS: “stripped of their HRH title” REAL NEWS: H&M are still HRH; however, they will not “USE” the title, unless they’re doing work for the Queen. Pos 2:10 bgtorrent.info/watch/rshyfpCPbpXJsJs.html & bgtorrent.info/watch/qKWal2iXp6DArp8.html

  • Who gives a rats rear end...

  • The fact that there are experts on this is sad. People really spend money on college studying a group of people who are only special because of their last name? British nuts have too much time on their hands.

    • Clearly you didn’t spend any time or money in college studying history, civics, or economics, because then you’d have a clue why it’s a very big deal.

  • All this just for a vigina soon or later he will get tire of tha vg and he is gonna need a different one so sad