Last to Stop Swinging Wins $1,000,000 (Part 2)

Публикуван на 30.11.2019 г.
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  • WATCH PART 1 HERE! (watch the entire thing)

    • Hii mr beast can i join ur challenge i from india

    • MrBeast I love your videos


    • MrBeast bring Troy back next round


  • If Chandler can do it anyone can

  • GG Troy

  • If that was me I could swing for soo long mostly coz I’m a kid

  • Markus is so smol it’s cute🥺

  • I am glad some contestants are doing this compotition for their familes it is really sweat

  • this is the only challenge i would probably win ;)

  • 6:40

  • 2:50 funniest lol 😂

  • Chris is turning into chandler

  • I could be their for... Days...

  • I feel so bad for troy 😭

  • 5:12 MR.Dick

  • Try that on a filipino and no ones gonna stop swinging

  • 12:58 super smash bros ultimate in the backround lmao

  • They can't stand after the challenge,if you relate......

  • Why was super smash bro‘s ultimate in the background

  • I use honey for everything

  • I love his videos all he does is help people but in style💕💕💕

  • Michael B Jordan and Nick Cannon had a baby

  • This sounds found

  • 9:17 I remember on New Years I popped a confetti on my cousins face it’s red still

  • WHat if chandler was in a swing and fell off And Canada doesn’t have target just sayin

  • İ feel sad for Troy 😢😢

  • When I heard Troy’s mother talk about what was happening *my mind* God Why! When Troy got off the swing Good Job My brother!

  • Who the hell was using King K. Rool in the background xd (12:51)

  • I'm sorry but Omar's such a di..

  • If you look at when Troy is on the couch super smash bros is on the tv in the background

  • Mr Beast you're a legend

  • Troy is mah boy!!

  • Can I smack you mr.butt

  • What was that song when they were running through them?

  • Im so sorry thow you 😣😭

  • This dod have to you uh

  • Man fuck omar

  • me: *swings every single day for hours straight for fun* mr beast: *makes this challenge* me: so you have challenged me?

  • 12:55 they are playing smash bros🤣

  • Is Omar in Aladdin

  • Weddle as a ref is pure Congratulations you’re awake

  • # Murcas

  • can u come to canada toronto i want to do a challenge

  • 12:55 who won at smash bros 🤣

  • Where the most and wins

  • Omygad

  • You should do a montage of all the high fives

  • Where’s akira

  • Hey person scrolling down the comments Sorry to break it to you but Omar wins

  • Hi

  • E

  • Give troy 50k rn or ima throw hands

  • Am I the only one thinking about how they didn't go to the bathroom for who knows how long?

  • ion gon lie, omar’s sister looking fine

  • My Legs!! XD

  • I would love to be one of the coaches!💪🏾

  • You killed the Camera men

  • Waddle is the most underrated person on this channel, hes got such a great sense of humor

  • My cousin said this “jUsT kEeP sWiNiNg” lol I died

  • As soon as the unicorn came out I would’ve been out in a heartbeat. Jumped out of the swing. No regret

  • 2:10 OHH MY GOOOOD

  • All likes are for Chandler....