The Failure of Fyre Festival

Публикуван на 29.10.2017 г.
The story of Fyre Festival, an event so bad the organiser is probably going to jail.
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  • Bruh someone call 50 cent 😂

  • fat fuckin nerd trying too hard to be cool and fit in.... oops now he's going to get anal raped in prison...

  • Billy and jah

  • god i love this video. watching for 50th time maybe

  • This is my damn cousin lol

  • Poor Billy

  • Rubes $500 what do you expect

  • Where's the Tanacon one? That was a BGtorrent version of Fyre

  • that man desperately trying to party at fyre festival really inspires me

  • The narrator ruined it for me. Absolutely cancer-inducing narration.

  • 1:06 the beach from *FinalFantasy 8* ? This is when they should got skeptical

  • 3:06 what is that sweaty, horrid thing smiling and chewing? gross

  • Billy McFarland is now prison mate with Michael Cohen lol

  • When you do better research than most journalists

  • For whatever reason I really can't feel bad for anyone involved in this fuckery.

  • I was born in the exact same day Fyre Festival ended what a coincidence

  • I have watched this video several times and I _still_ don't understand how everything went so wrong.

    • dabi time 3 factors, all somewhat influencing the other. 1. Lack of information: the majority of attendees either didn’t do their research _(like how the island wasn’t even all that private)_ or didn’t bother to because 2. The hype was so unreal for this event. Expectations were through the roof. I’ve got to hand it to the marketing team for getting big time influencers to practically advertise their event for them, this would be great if not for 3. The board of executives, or whoever was in charge of organizing this event, clearly didn’t have the experiences I put together a festival _(on top of lack of clear direction if McFarland’s staff is to be believed. He allegedly couldn’t even pay the staff their promised wages for a time)_ . They most likely didn’t consider taxes were a thing, considering how grossly underfunded the whole event was, or they weren’t efficiently budgeted to the right places. The whole ordeal is not only an interesting case study for social media hype, but a good example of what an immature CEO can do to a company.

  • Lets just all wish the most slow and agonizing death upon this billy mcfarland individual who tought he could play god by toying with the minds of innocents. Let’s wish this abomination a death to be of example to the ones lost in the valley of darkness, and on his screams we will south in slumber. A death by suicide so that only him can bear the pain of ending his insignificant since no one would even care enough to acknowledge his useless existence to end his pathetic life, so when he’s in so much psychological trauma, the only solution would be to slowly auto mutilate himself into oblivion while everyone laugh at his demise and he falls into the land of the forgotten forever.

  • 8:06 _Nothing like being a sociopath for the sake of """"""""""social justice"""""""""""_

  • honestly seems like a fun time

  • Just out of curiosity, I decided to look into what the weather for Exuma was like on April 27th, 2017. Here's what I found, according to Weather Underground: 0 inches of precipitation. Partly cloudy until 9 AM, fair skies the rest of the day. The highest wind speed recorded: 16 mph. Wind gusts: 0 mph. And just for further clarification, the Beaufort scale relates 16 mph winds as "Raises dust and loose paper; small branches are moved." So...yeah. Not that I believed his claims for a second, but it's nice to have the proof in front of you.

  • Awh my ovarian cancer is flaring up real bad right now

  • "It was just a prank, bro!"

  • Marketing was wrong... they should have marketed it as a survival camp!

  • Here in Brazil he would never go to jail. This type of crime has minimal penalties that are paid by donating food baskets. I'm serious!

  • What's it feel like looking like an elderly hungarian stock image man

  • The dumpsterfyre.

  • 8.8 million views Wow... I rewatched the hell out of this

  • They actually made a flash game about escaping fyre festival I played through the game

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  • They were able to use the private island, until they did the one thing that they promised not to do: say that it belonged or once belonged to Pablo Escobar in the promotional material.

  • Nico David brought me here.

  • Fyre cay more like fyre gay

  • O my fucking GOD o my fucking GOD 5:20 this is the same plastic pool from DASHCON the demon show himself again is alive

  • 9:53 got a political ad that started by saying 9/11

  • And then there was Tanacon

  • good video loved it hope you grow even more!!

  • 😂 IDIOTS! They deserve it. That's what they get for following other idiots....

  • 3:25 The Internet Historian Cinematic Universe

  • 5:03 lost in the woods did he just predicted frozen 2 shitiest song ??