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Hey guys, today Elijah and I decided to give you guys our tips and advice on KISSING. We hope we were able to answer any of your questions that you might have had. Thank you so much for the constant support, especially on our last video! We hope this video will help you out on your first kiss. We love you ❤️
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    • im watching it in 2020

    • @Bella Braden thanks

    • Ewwwwwwww you kissed her ewwwwwwww she and the girl kisst

    • Shes outta ur league bruh plus I say cringey video of 2019 but I think nothing can top this typa cringe

  • I’m literally 25. I’m pretty certain it isn’t gonna happen at this point :/

  • roses are red violets are blue the people watching this video is single and thats true

  • Instructions unclear left foot got stuck in toaster

  • So I’m wondering how did you guys have your first kiss? There’s this girl that loves me and I really want to ask her out to the movies and kiss her... is that like a good way to do that?

  • Any tips for if the guy is much taller? I’m 4’9, he’s 6’1....

    • Ask him to hold on his hand ...

  • You know that there is something wrong with you when you seach it instead of asking your parents about it

  • Shi I’m tryna figure it out but I’m too nervous to know what to do after

  • I tried to put my girl hair to the side of her head Nd Poked her in the eye wit my thumb

  • *I can't believe I'm 20 in college haven't kiss anyone yet🤣🤣*

  • Anyone else from Ireland laughing at how bad this is

  • Stupid

  • I'm watching this because ive never kissed my gf,and we have been together for 1 month now and she asked me "when are we gonna have a first kiss" and she said On Wednesday we gonna do it so thats why im watching this.but does anybody have any advice

  • Are you mad 😡 I hate you

  • I only searched this up because I'm gonna kiss my bf when we go back to school😛

  • Disclaimer: If you’re dating a black girl with a slick back ponytail DONT touch their hair!!!!!

  • When ur here because your 17 and still haven’t had it

  • 1st step : get a bf/gf

  • Who's here cause their first kiss was wrong af? Me

  • I have a crush his name is Henry

  • Kinda gay

  • I shit myself

  • you got 1.69 mil haha

  • Everyone else: I hope no one finds out I looked this up! 😰 Me: This just popped up in my recommended lmao 😂

  • i’m watching this for my step sis

  • I'm doing first kiss with my boyfriend it was cringe if you was there

  • while looking up for the video I thought of my brother finding out that I watched this type of video. So disappointed

  • What if your boyfriend has long hair

  • Thanks 😀 for this tutorial. I'll practice on my cat 🥺

  • Don’t kiss on the forehead the first kiss. That would be so freaking weird. I’d call my friend right after telling her about the weirdo who just kissed my forehead

  • I would not spend so much time pushing her hair away


  • anyone else scrollin through the comments to make it a little less akward

  • Thankyou that girl wont know whats comin!!

  • I'm an adult virgin

  • I want 2 kiss😘 but I don't have a girl friend how 2make girl as partner



  • 20 millions virgin just saw this video....

  • I'm gonna to suicide...any suggestions ?

  • Anyone else just dissolve into a laughing fit when u try to be serious ??

  • I just let the feelings do all the work

  • 2020 here anyone ?

  • i'm single..why the hell did i come here


  • this is so helpful

  • 1 make sure your little brother or sister is gone 2 sit under your desk in your room or in your bed 3 ask him or her if he wants to kiss you and do everything 4 kiss him 5 do what you want with him or her

  • better than pornhub

  • So nice video I can learn to kissing a girl. Thanks u

  • 1:35 is legit so fucking cool dude, i saw this and it was seriously so cool thank you so much ive never seen anything so fr*ckin cool. mmmmm so cool

  • Who else here because of a play dat u in has a kissing scene

  • How old are u two?

  • this was weird

  • Kiss for longer next time lol


  • Idk why i tohugt that my crush left me but today she asked me questions and then she asked do you like my i was like in my mind wtf ok..... i said yes she was like se ya tomorow and i think what it means .........

  • Instructions unclear her little brother is a bad kisser

  • I’ve missed more than 5 people in my life and I’ve kissed a lot and I’ve not kissed anyone in the last year and I feel like I forgot how to kiss

  • Step one Actually get a bf

  • My name is elijah