Zoomer thinks his Mom is too IRRELEVANT to speak to

Публикуван на 15.11.2019 г.
Zoomer goes on Dr Phil and its epic
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  • They say they are relevant but I never knew who they were till today

  • More Dr Phil videos please!!!!!

  • 3:32 Literally my reaction

  • This is so sad. I think I cringed hard at the second guest. Why? Why would you do these things? She sounded like she was trying to be Cardi B. I don't know if that is what she was doing or she didn't listen to much Cardi but one thing's for sure Offset and them were right "They do anything for Clout"

  • Pews:“ Am I going to go viral !?!??” Me:”You are viral “

  • V I D E O P H O N E

  • We live in a world where people feel they need to be extreme that they would rather be awful than average it's a very toxic environment to be in and social media and programs like doctor Phil help maintain it

  • So i have a solution for this 1. Block 2. Murder them 3. Live peacefully (joke lmao)

  • Speaking on behalf of the LGBTQ’s peoples counsel, please don’t look at these people and generalize the entire community as acting like they do.

  • 🦄🦕🦅🦕🙌🐌😯🐌🌈🐬🙏

  • That THING has to be tho long lost neandertahl we thought went extinct....

  • Don't care if I sound like a boomer or not, zoomers ARE currently the most entitled generation to ever exist. But there is hope. They are still teenagers so hopefully it's just an obnoxious phase.

  • “I don’t care about the money” “buy the merch”

  • Use LGBTQ as a reason to cover up those shits they've done... We LGBTQ do not need such person to inspire us🙄

  • I GoT bANneD oN ClaSh roYaL for saying to this guy: I will find your, then I said You life with your mom

  • People will probably pay them not to advertise their product.

  • These kids need to just stop

  • Pewdiepie: I didn’t make any money on it BGtorrent: gives him 5 mid rolls

  • 0:36

  • 0:37 stOp

  • 16:26 - That girl has a really attractive face.

  • To all parents: If your child is turning out to be like this, you need to beat it out of them. Nothing corrects bad behavior like a good beating.

  • Imagine what it takes to get banned from WALMART. Have you SEEN the people in Walmart? Holy shit.

    • Its like getting banned from a pedophile ring for being a sicko...

  • Dr Phil is such an idiot. Hes living in the 1800's or something....he's so irrelevant now.

  • They failed the not get arrested part

  • Zoomer = Boomer

  • 18:36 dr phil is such a master roaster

  • The Mom - "My daughter is very articulate" The daugheter "we's aint goin back's to hood"


  • Ok boomer

  • Ok transphobe

  • What if you went to heaven and god said "you don't have nay followers so im cutting you off."

  • Yo this background is really messing with my head.(◡‿◡✿)

  • The funniest part of this video is that this video is lower effort content than the original content he’s ripping on

  • Pewdiepie wants to make battle Royale a real thing

  • Jeffery Star Jr. looks like a dead person

  • love how he thinks misgendering a transwoman is funny

  • I’ve never even heard of this kid lmao i-

  • 🅱️ameron

  • Melissa Fry was the reporter in that one news clip. She is from KETV News-Watch Chanel 7 That’s my favorite news channel It’s for Omaha, Nebraska This is representation