Публикуван на 1.12.2019 г.
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when am i going to STOP pulling all nighters??? WHEN??????????
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-emma chamberlain


  • Lol why did you drink the emergen C packet. I laughed so hard

  • How do u edit ur videos?

  • Emma probably hasn't been to the subway 😂("I love NY" what a joke)

  • hotel snacks are expensive they aren't free you have to pay for them, she eats most of them.

  • hi! hate to be that person but my channel is new and I'm going to start posting some cool shit so come be apart of it if ya want! thank u

  • Move to New York

  • you're supposed to put the emergen-c powder in water

  • Emma you do know the powder is supposed to go in water 😂

  • can we just a ses to appreciate the fact that emma put a whole emergency packet in her mouth

  • I can see she is so sad lately

    • queen of all nighters

  • New York, the city the doesn't sleep.

  • you were supposed to put the energy packet in water

    • that never sleeps” I know it's not funny but in my head sounded better.

  • Wait 30°C or F?

  • Erin: that’s not vegan

  • no one: the comment section: no one: emma:

  • Omg i luv you so much your're so funny

  • 😍

  • to be honest, emma could probably afford to move to new york if she really wanted to

  • Emma,i want to order somthing from you,i do not understand why you don't put your name on anything you sell ??

  • Feel better soon.Get some sleep already you make better vids when your fresher😁Interesting outfit your wearing.Looks like something a a boat trawler person might wear.It looks cute on you though.

  • Why aren't you in David's vlog anymore

  • “Bon appeTIT”

  • I thought she was having an allergic reaction when she ate the emergency kit cuz under her eyes were really red

  • She should go on blind dates with people from New York and become friends with them so she'll already know people when she moves there

  • Emma: New York is the city that never sleeps me: i'm pretty sure Las Vegas is the city that never sleeps. me: *searches the internet* me: Las Vegas, Nevada. Known as the “city that never sleeps” I know it's not funny but in my head sounded better.

  • _queen of all nighters_

  • emma is so cool because all she does is look at herself her entire video. i just love watching someone watch themselves, so inspiring, so RELATABLE.

  • So I have a legitimate question. Emma, this is No SHADE on you AT ALL. I was just thinking, since some BGtorrentrs put Gofundme, Patreon, Fansonly or Onlyfans whatever, and now Amazon Wishlists up in their video descriptions, mentioning it in videos. What do you all think about us viewers putting our wishlists in the comments both on BGtorrent and IG? Everyone struggles in one way or another and we all have our hardships but we all faithfully watch channels' videos and that in turn pays them for entertaining us. Their outreach to a fan base with wishlists and pay only sites is actually asking us for more. In this season of giving, what if we used his platform in the comments to treat each other to something off of our Amazon wishlists,or the youtuber getting random followers one item off of their fans' lists? ng a flood of vlog or livestream video comment response with OUR Amazon Wishlist for the holidays?? Not just this channel, other channels like the ACE Family, Trisha Paytas, Jeffrey Star, Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, etc. Do you all think they will give, actually give back a little to their subs? Not in a giveaway or contest or challenge, actually picking out one gift for a random fan everyday from now until Christmas. What do you think? All we would have to do is leave our Amazon Wish List name here in the comments or on their IG accounts. What do you think? I think I am going to post this on every channel I watch faithfully everyday and see the responses I get. Even if it just turns out to be a test in humanity experiment.

  • now I want to go to New York 😍😍

  • 30 degreessss? That is not cold . It’s like -2 degrees here

  • why did she just- eat the emergenc

  • She stays in her hotel doing things that “ wont get her in trouble “ Its a sponsor people !!

  • 💚💚💚

  • wHy did she inhale the emergen c

  • #voteEmmaChamberlain

  • you make me so laugh. i adore you !

  • i love how emma just chugged the emergency packet when you are supposed to mix it with water

  • when you're 24 u should move to New York 😎

  • bro is that alcohol bottles on the nightstand? or water bottles 😰

  • She's got the personality of that one funny crack head we all know down the road😬😂