Angelina Jolie On Loss & Pain: 'I've had things that have made me feel I can’t breathe" | GLAMOUR UK

Публикуван на 15.10.2019 г.
Angelina Jolie admits, "I wonder if I’m being a good enough mum, good enough person, if I’m doing enough," alongside her 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' co-star Elle Fanning, as they candidly talk about their inner and external critics, their journeys towards self-discovery and vulnerability. In this special episode of GLAMOUR UNFILTERED hosted by @joshSmithHosts Angelina Jolie also reveals, "You go through a certain point of pain or loss and you either go down or get back up," whilst Elle Fanning reveals the life-changing advice her mum gave her. Are you inspired by Angelina and Elle's stories? Let us know in the comments below.
GLAMOUR UNFILTERED returns on Tuesday 22nd October with Millie Bobby Brown.
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  • Jennifer Aniston probably couldn’t breathe when Angelina broke up her marriage, too.

  • She's a psycho!

  • Elle is Dakota’s sister, i love both of them and also Angelina is so beautiful!❤️

  • Elle marry me !

  • Hay my lover girl do u want some free puppy's I have poodles I love you angel of my love lover gurl. Ok just so u know I love miss Jolie your my lover gurl forever and ever and ever and beyond more above the mountains and below the caves from sea to shining sea as the blossoms bloom in the all New day fades away as a night falls in the calm breeze hits your beautiful face Angelina Jolie. My love will go on and on and on and on and on and on Angelina I am dying and you were the last beautiful woman that I have ever seen before I died I love you and my heart is broken because you were never true to my love 💔❤️❤️❤️❤️💔❤️💔❤️❤️💔❤️💔❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💔💔❤️❤️💔 ❤️ true love in the desire to love once more. What about my loss and pain I can't breathe either. P.S. I fight for the poor not the 1% rich I wasn't playing baseball and I don't sing on the toilet all day but you went and f***** with some other n*cca instead and I ain't haveing that sh*t. I heard you made millions. did you give back to the people that gave to you instead of begging other countries for money to feed the poor why don't you take your own money to feed the poor? Other than that get interviewed and keep acting. PS poverty is very real and love is fake stop buying poor children from other countries and using them as an American tax write-off. SLING BLADE UMM HUMM

  • Useless questions..

  • Angelina she’s truly beautiful woman she’s elegant and smart I like her so much

  • Angelina: Depth and wisdom.

  • Angelina ❤

  • Angelina is an empath. She has seen so much pain and anguish in Africa I know it haunts her. Her eyes are sad.

  • Wow, Angelina has became such a woman to inspire young women, and all women to rise above hardship. Her children are very lucky to have her.

  • What a great and beautiful human being Angelina Jolie is ❤! Yes you're a great person!

  • I didn't expect this kind of interview with Glamour. Great questions!

  • Angie has the most beautiful eyes in history

  • I can’t stand Angelina ....she is fake and sadly very bad actress...

  • Ho

  • The fake presenter just killed the vibe at the end.

  • Angelina's been through a lot of hard times and you can see it in her eyes she's not gonna take any bull from no one.

  • Was afraid Elle was gonna backhand whack Angelina with all those dramatic hand movements to stress her point.

  • Angelina disseminated an aura of sadness.

  • I always liked Angelina; she seems to have had a lot of personal drama in life besides great blessings; it can be comforting for others

  • Angelina talks about supporting other women. That is laughable. She had an affair with a married man that is not being supportive of the man's wife. She acts like mother of the year but I hope they learn their values from someone else. Elle talks about negative articles or dirt but Angelina is the kind of woman that they are able to write about.

    • oh God please. Really if that's all she has done with her 46 years of life then so be it. You all love to say that same BS both those men chose to chase her and like most lie to get what they want. What have you done in your life you learned from?

  • Angelina did not age well SHES pretty but she looks so lifeless

    • She's gorgeous for a 46 year ole white woman. Yes maam. Looks better than most of HW. Faccts


  • Angelina Jolie น่ารัก


  • I love you angelina

  • Karma for falling in love w/ a married man came to taunt her! Her movie hasnt even placed in any awards while J. Anistons thriving in her career.

    • ROTFL! Aniston won a SAG which are voted for by actors only. Angelina hasn't done a movie yet that yielded that part of her career but she has one the later part of the year that might make. And her movie she directed two years ago was nominated dear. Don't let me start comparing you won't like it.

  • I worry a lot to

  • مووش بنيه حلغوووم

  • I can tell angie has a huge heart and it has been broken alot

  • Angelina umie muwić po polsku?

  • Angelina, you are more than enough!

  • I am so in love with Angie.

  • Love Angie she is the best role model 🙏💜

  • Fantastic questions. Thank you for this interview.

  • Angie looks so sad😢

  • Secretary Pompeo, I’m in lake Clarke Shores now. It’s 8:40 pm January 14, 2020

  • She's getting old and alone I think, like a billion people out there so.... I also think that she lose her husband the same way that she stole him back in time and it must hurt a lot when the pay moment come to knock on your door. I used to love her but i'm like tired of her...

    • It's pretty saddening to me that i always see "she stole somebody's husband". Men cannot be steal. He was married. She isn't. Not that i justify infidelity but even Jennifer isn't sure if her ex husband really cheated on her. 2nd, i'm very glad you did not mention it's payback time when Angie had her preventative surgeries. There are children who are damaged by their father's behavior and addiction, still it's karma for Jolie. She's thriving and not alone. She has her kids at least.

  • I just love them so much ❤❤ Two very beautiful strong authentic women

  • I liked the interview and the interviewer asked all the right questions

  • When you start talking about Feelings, to Angelina. She starts looking down the rabbit Hole. But !!!! She is very Beautiful !!!

  • Are we living in an era where we embrace our victimhood...?

  • i love how Angelina is so humble..

  • Elle was so thrown off with that first question 😂

  • Angelina is truly a Queen 👑

  • Angelina played Lisa in Girl Interrupted too well for me to ever not see a sociopath in her.

  • Angelina looks so sad...

    • Why not? This was the time when her ex husband filed to extend their divorce in the midst of her doing press.

  • Cracks me up when reporters ask meaningful questions to actors! LOL. Like they 'know more'. Angelina is like a living demon. Just look at her. Wake up world. These people are SO fake.

    • @Dagger Knox So, how am I acting like anything actually? On scholarship are you?

    • Cracks me up when people starts to say "Angelina is like a living demon" while they start to act like a demon-like.

    • @W C Guy try to double check your comment whos fake and demon

    • @Archie Niepes Archie, what the h are you talking about?

    • Wow shame on u look whos talking if shes a demon wat bout u

  • I love both these movies. All through life people will criticize, learning to let go of toxic people and keep those that feed our soul. Cut the rest out it’s just noise.❤️

  • Such classy ladies❤️

  • i wonder how there romance life is like, espically the very fair white girl O__O

  • Did she and Jon Voight ever reconcile?

  • I adore Angie!!!

  • Karma for Anjolina! Remember what she did to Jen? not cool and now she knows how it feels.

    • Remember when Aniston stole justin from his partner of 14 years?

    • Remember ange one filed d divorce f hurt its hurts but she realize its better single

  • 2020😉🌹😘age family ;-)🎶🤩

  • Beautiful ❤️❤️

  • Whoever did their hair, makeup, and wardrobe should be fired.

  • I always have loved Angelina- she is wise, open, and beautiful

  • why is she wearing a bathrobe?