ANNOYING THINGS BOYFRIENDS DO || Relatable facts by 5-Minute FUN

Публикуван на 7.08.2019 г.
Can boyfriends be annoying for their girlfriends? Yes, they are!!
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To which of that situation can you relate the most?
0:20 Boyfriend orders a lot of food while girlfriend is on a diet
0:35 Boyfriend wears too much cologne
0:48 Boyfriend gives all hiss stuff to put in girlfriends bag
1:16 Boyfriend answers with short sentence for an anniversary SMS
1:42 Boyfriends worries too much that girlfriend is pregnant
2:18 Boyfriends do not introduce the girlfriend to a friend
2:37 Boyfriend stills girlfriends cosmetics
2:57 Boyfriend behave differently in front of his male friends
3:24 Boyfriend does not pay attention on girlfriends dresses
3:35 Boyfriend gets jealous
4:09 Boyfriend gets bored
But in the end TRUE love is always more powerful than anything!
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