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You can't outrun destiny just because you're terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.
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The witcher Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.


  • 期待

  • Is there anybody who can tell me the name of the background music of this trailer?? Thank you very much.

  • 0/10 if there is no le le le le le le le le le when geralt fightin the monster

  • I like how they make sure to have a butt shot of Geralt, yup, that's a proper Geralt butt, I approve.

  • I need a minimum of four hours spent picking flowers

  • Who is the girl talking in the beginning, she is so sexy 😍

  • For the first 2 weeks this trailer has had an average of 9 views every second.... yep this series is gonna blow up xD

  • I see new images of peasants in the series and I see a lot of blacks, Asians an Middle eastern faces. This is just wrong !!! Terrible SJW agenda and it will not pay off in the end, mark my words. You F it up producer. If you want diversity, than take the story to places where other human races live. I saw pictures right now where all Fn multiculty people live all together. It will not increase numbers and you are pondering to nobody. I’m a white male and among many, Densel Washington and Morgan Freeman are one of my favourite actors. I like them because I do and colour of skin has nothing to do with it. But this peasant pictures really put me off. Forced diversity by a SJW director. Get your head checked woman !

  • Just waiting to hear him say "how do you like that silver" or "damn you're ugly"

  • Ugh.... finally something good after the disappointment of Game of Thrones..

  • The evil is evil quote is just like the killing monsters trailer from the game which probably means they won't change lots of stuff

    • That line comes from the books, Cdpr used it in that trailer.

  • well done netflix... cant wait for the season 1 - avid gamer...

  • DC: Let's ruin Henry Caville's career with the Superman curse. Netflix: I'm gonna save this man's whole career.

  • Unwelcome monster hunter protecting a princess..well well..felt like Van Helsing all over again!!

  • Only played for 5min and never read books. So no expectations.

  • Geralt doesn't have cat eyes :( ;( ;(

    • He is too pretty to be a witcher

  • He better say, "might wanna look around some. " at some point. I hope the entire series is Geralt upgrading his armor/ weapons and playing gwent.

    • black skinned people? i'm over it! The libtards are spredin'!!!

  • Where is the second sword ?

    • On his horse, as in the books. New pics are clearly showing the shiny pommel of the silver sword protruding from a satchel, on the the left side of Roach. Only reason Gerald carried both swords on his back at the same time in the games was for game-play mechanic's convenience but it doesn't make sens otherwise.

  • Super excited for this. I hope he drinks beers during combat for energy.

  • The books are good but the games are better.

  • Черные в 13 веке, в Европе, кажется мы все проебали, остановите я выйду.

    • эльфы краснолюды и магия в Европе?? xD

  • Okkkkk

  • Man, a scar on his face would bring the appearance up a notch. Still looks promising 😎

  • Wooow !

  • Who wants to see live action Hearts of Stone?

  • Where is the slavic feeling? Why is Yen black?

  • C'mon Roach!!

  • Season 2 will be set in new game plus

  • Henry Cavill looks more like letho than geralt.

  • Ведьмаак,бееч!

  • So, let me explain. Witcher's locations are based on mid age Europe. Where were not a single colored man or woman! What the heck ? For those who will say "It's Fantasy series" It's fuckin' Poland/Ukrainian-ish. On these lands colored people never lived until 1991 or earlier ( Not to be racist, though i sound like one (( but its historically incorrect. And yes, im live in Europe, so i know what im talking about) Okay , mongolian people in the trailer have their right to be because it's pretty possible (it's nonsense altough) , but black skinned people? i'm over it! The libtards are spredin'!!!

    • @alex6669uni Your assumptions are wrong. The producers had tons of conversations with Sapkowsky.

    • Yes because like real life they come from a different continent/climate. But the TV Series seems to be going for multiethnicity because modern world, so it's PC gfarbage.

    • @Unit Killa Vea? For example? Or the Zerrikanians all of them.

    • So who were the black characters in the books? I am aware coloured people exist in Witcher but they come from different continents, not randomly multi cultural just because.

    • @alex6669uni Ok i hope you wont see the series

  • He is too pretty to be a witcher

  • 0:32 - i love her laugh

  • If he doesn't get pissed and put on yennifers clothes i won't be happy.

  • Nice Gerald is shaved, he is always shaved.

  • most beautifull wooman here is a ...Geralt .. o.o .. 2019 what th fck??? hooliwood whats wrong with you???

  • German Death Camps

  • 1:35 Maciej Musiał 🔥🔥

  • This Series will be most Epic that anymedieval History ♠

  • Great, stylized sword choreography, just like the book and games. I also appreciate the lack of emotion in Henry's performance, reminds me of Geralt ha. Cant wait to watch. keep up the great work

  • how does a single sword slash against a guy in plate armor work exactly?

  • Holy Heck thank you Netflix 🔥🔥🔥

  • After, watching trailer I must say that it’s a said day when such theme is destroyed by the politically correctness ....

  • what the hell happened to Calanthe for fucks sake???

  • Why does he have round pupils?

    • @ABRAR HAQUE yes but in the games his eyes are not entiry correct ... pupils like he has in games all time he should has only when he is realy blind cuz of bright light

    • @Jaroslav Mihok Sure, but I mean, doesn't he have vertical pupils in the game?

    • his pupils are ok for circumstances in these scenes in trailer ... pupils change should depends on light

  • I want to believe that in this series there will be no niggas, as in the entire witcher universe

    • @Денис Я.Р.Т. i do not say some of the cast is not wrong ... but there can be like some blacks not all but some

    • The books never say they were... But a lot of times referred skin color white Nords... For example Yennefer

    • @Sam Green in game but in the books none said there can be or there are not blacks ... not every person has descripted skin colour

    • there was only kafir, the Arabs in fact

    • and why not? where in the books is told there are no blacks ?

  • Can't wait for season 2 and 3 when He will grow a beard and look more badass!!!!

  • Gerald not the main character in a "Witcher" story? Pass.

    • he is main character .. but Yen and Ciri will have bigger part compare to the games and the books

  • Cant wait for the Witcher fans to be called racist when this fails.

    • @Jaroslav Mihok True....but there is a pattern nowadays with shows of this kind. We will see how it turns out.

    • IF this fails

  • Geralt won't be main character. Netflix is pulling a bait and switch. Focus is on Ciri and Yen

    • no ... these girls will have only bigger part compare to the games ant the books ... it will be still the witcher

  • *Dies of fall damage in the second episode*

  • nice trailer anna

  • Embarrassing to watch. Must be like a hollywood humiliation ritual to power level!

  • Where is cat eyes of Whitcher ? Or is it now not a canonical element of Geralt's appearance ?) Oh sry 2019 year. A book, a game, some fan fiction all this shit just limits the creative look.

    • @N1D no i only say he has yellow eyes witch is correct his pupils are correct for circumstatnces in scenes in trailers ... and they should change depend on situation i do not know if they do it ... but in the games his eyes were not correct they should look like that all the time

    • @Jaroslav Mihok Nice. U are from Netflix?)

    • he has cat eyes ... Cat-like eyes that grant very acute nightvision - witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This nightvision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement

  • "I had them filed down", thats basically what game gerald would say, fecking genius

    • He sounded exactly like game geralt aswell.

  • hotdog! this looks so good, can't wait

  • For the first time since it was announced I am actually feeling excited to see this...

  • Netflix, when you do a Skyrim?

    • skyrim sucks!

  • It looks like a real buffet of awesomeness

  • When do we see the wild hunt

    • well we do not see wild hunt like we see them in witcher 3 but we see at least leader of wild hunt but in next seasons