Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

Публикуван на 10.01.2020 г.
"Life is Good" available at: smarturl.it/LifeIsGood.Future
Official Audio: bgtorrent.info/watch/u6V_oY2fb3u9a6s.html
Directed by Director X
Future online:
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  • The moral of the story, it doesn't matter what job you have now, if keep grinding, write down your goals believe in yourself and execute dreams come true! 👊🏼🙏💞


  • Drake: “Haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up” IRS: LIFE IS GOOD HUH? IGHT BET

  • On 0:31 and 0:32, upper left hand quadrant. Ha ha ha ha ha ha Blessed, Blessed, Blessed, YUH!!!

  • We Want An Album

  • Label: how many girls and what expensive cars do you want for the video Drake and Future: working regular jobs sounds good

  • I need a full song from Drake like right now!

  • Bro let’s just copy NF why don’t we

  • Fire!!!!!!!!

  • Future’s Part : kchsknch jshcheb bxhsg WOO hdhdh hdhs hsyebdfh bhhb WOO ♾

  • this song go hard

  • Drakes verse < Futures verse

  • 3:40

  • If you ever worked in fast food you gotta Fuck with video lol #WendysGang #07 😭

  • This' the Graveyard Shift's Anthem

  • What huddle house is that

  • Ahh this is a good song. Future comes in.. Fuck 😔

  • Manager: So what job Ya'll want? Drake & Future: Yes

  • Someone make a video with only Drake's parts

    • This song wants me to make a reservation at McDonald’s

  • who else just listens to drakes verse?

    • No body is gonna notice yatchy????

  • 2:51 what's that :5 doing there?

  • This goes hard but I dont like Drakes part here...

  • About time he came out with some that sound like some 🙄🙄🙄

  • Everything drake touches turns into gold.

  • I love drake

  • They make working look Fun 😩🤣

  • 0 bitches...real life videoclip..+ El Drake...

  • 🔥🔥

  • Drake Verse 🔥Fire🔥 Future Verse: Not so much🚯🚯🚯

  • anybody notice that "wasted" part on the truck?


  • Drake e Roman ba bine

  • Why the soundcloud version all slowed up en shht

  • No body is gonna notice yatchy????

  • This song wants me to make a reservation at McDonald’s

  • You, he really did it

  • This is dope

  • 2:50 - Savage in the " Bank Account"

  • Producer: what beat y’all want? Drake: I want this beat Future: nah I like this one Producer: say no more

  • Aye if my latest video gets 20k views my step dad will stop beating me

  • الي مش فاهم لايك

  • LG

  • Yes drake

  • This "WOO" is addicted!

  • song been out for two weeks if that and it's gold🔥 the collab album gonna be dummy fireeeeeeee

  • “What? You can’t spit”...facts 😂

  • Lyrics video here bgtorrent.info/watch/ycWfZ61sjGrKnqc.html

  • You can understand Drake & his stuff is relatable. Future thou.. sounds like he got water in his mouth

  • they really pulled out a whole cracked phone gone.

  • 21 savage’s part was fire

  • As a Garbage Man, IT Technician, Mechanic, Fast Food Cashier, Engineer, Chef, Professional Dancer, Director, Cameraman and Rapper, I can confirm this is how we do our job

  • Drake part is faaarrrr better than Futures let’s be real here

  • nice song

  • Can someone tell me if credit karma is actually free or do they scam you with entering ur credit card for future references

  • So are we going to talk about Lil yacht

  • 1:11 okay?

  • Drake: haven’t don my taxes bcuz I’m to turnt up. IRS: ...we got em boys.breaks down door Drake:niggas caught me slipping das ok

  • اللي جا من جوفينكو يرفع يده 😂💙

  • No matter what you work, as long you do it for you AND your fam.

  • hm