Future - Where Ya At (Official Music Video) ft. Drake

Публикуван на 21.08.2015 г.
Directed by Sam Lecca
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  • Reppin that XO bbbby ✖⭕✖⭕✖⭕

  • Ok everything aside Future has really hard beats

  • Yesssssss he did

  • Where your apples at dawg?

  • T5

  • 5 years ago I couldn’t understand future and fast forward to 2020, I understand like 98% of his verses

  • I’m only here to figure out where I heard this beat

  • Shit where was ya at when I was in the Hospital lowest times if you only knew

  • Where was ya at when I recorded in the Closet- say whatever it was FREE 1deep when I was chilling with Speedy

  • In the trenches with a candle lit stove.. “Gs9”

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:22 💝💛 👇👇👇👇👇💯

  • This never get old 2020 🌹🌹

  • Where your apples the vegans what a pie

  • yeeen lying hissss

  • Future created Country Trap proof right here

  • He makes patterns and puzzles never solved

  • Grammy

  • nice song

  • Where ya apples at

  • 2020: when Tupac said “I rather die like a man then live like a coward” was so dope, todays kids can’t find lyrics like that today 2035: when Future said “wherrrryahhahhdahhwhehhnehhuzzwerrrfeeeh” was so dope, todays kids can’t find lyrics like that today

  • Second Amendment. 🆗™™©

  • Le plagiat de Kamelancien « t’étais ou? » on en parle?!

  • I like your weeknd jacket.

  • Where ya ass at when I did that 36months💯💯💯💯💯🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


  • 2020!

  • R.i.p trap 2012-2020 I made this up btw ... don’t steal .... it’s true 🤷🏼‍♂️💯

  • Man the lyrics were awesome, Future just nailed it. Drake too.

  • 2:33 mf on cocain

  • Where ya at when I came through projects;;;?

  • I approve of this song, sir. waitin for that light to turn green to leave someone

  • Ey bro 1 project a year, two feature max Ight nuff said.

  • Future as an artist is very good and catchy he's famous for a reason but as far as respecting women👎👎👎👎

  • Where were you at when there was English class

  • Future is cool he make you think a little about life

  • What is this shit ? 😂😂

  • She belongs to the streets

  • Where were you??

  • future speaks english of his own.........


  • Judge: so you’re still looking at 20 years 6ix9ine: I can tell you what future is saying 0:00

  • Who is here NOW!!!!

  • This is easily the best Future & Drake collab. Drake verse is straight FIYAAAAAAA!!!

  • That's not English. I thought the purpose of language is to communicate with one another, "Where your ass was at, dog, when 'N-words' wasn't feed me" I mean, how many grammatical errors is that in one phrase? First of all all, don't end a phrase in a preposition. Sorry to get anal about this, especially in a, in a line..about where...your ass is, but, "Where your ass was at, dog", why is there a dog in this song? I'm completely unaware as to, to what canines have to do with anything. Clearly enriching the culture, making America a greater, more solid, moral place every single day, our popular culture.

  • Поет как баран .Беее ..отвратительно много эффектов

  • he has such a way with words

  • Planning to join a class where I can understand Future rap! ,😁

  • 2015

  • Future is my cousin

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • this song is better than life is good

  • 2020 we here #mohmohrap

  • Imagine the captions being available “wherebandgskdkjasswashrjdjdat”

  • Ovoxo

  • Know more the truth

  • That’s why they hate you

  • Rip the the ball God..😭😭

  • Where drake at when canada homless said "bitches didnt feed me"

  • Ok guys lets do some dancing!!!

  • I wanna see mozzy put on purple sprite 2. Thank you now let me hold somefin!